Managing University Surplus: Software vs. Spreadsheets

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University Surplus Management Methods Surplus property includes assets you no longer need at your organization, but that doesn’t mean these assets are obsolete. As a university surplus manager, your goal is to extend the useful life of these surplus assets, ensuring your university generates as much value as possible by disposing of surplus property [...]

How COVID-19 Is Effecting Asset Management

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COVID-19 changed daily property, asset and surplus operations nearly overnight. Across state and local government, universities, K-12, defense and government contracting, asset managers and their teams have responded and adapted how they work. Sharing information and learning from one another is now more important than ever. To facilitate, AssetWorks conducted a brief poll to [...]

University Surplus Management | Ensure Proper Stewardship of University Surplus Assets

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If you’re involved in university surplus management, you know how valuable a successful program can be. Fixed assets represent a significant investment of university resources and play a critical role in your institution’s success. Whether your surplus warehouse is fully funded or self-funded, resources can be limited—so, as you well know, it’s important to [...]

University Surplus Management | Encouraging Engagement

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University surplus management is an important job. From our experience working closely with universities, we’ve learned that surplus operations have a lot to offer their institutions, including waste diversion and revenue generation. Your surplus operation can certainly be successful alone, but adequate support and cooperation from fellow university departments can help your warehouse achieve [...]

Surplus Asset Management Software | 2 Time Saving Benefits

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A very wise surplus manager once told us: “We follow a routine, but you deal with something new every day, and time can run away from you.” So how can automation help you get more done, in less time? In this post, we’ll explore two ways: 1. Warehouse Management 2. Integration Warehouse [...]

The Perfect Match: Finding the Right Vendors for Your Surplus Operation

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Everybody’s been there. There’s some work that needs to be done on your car, and the goal is to find a skilled mechanic who doesn’t specialize in price gouging. If you want to escape the overpriced dealership or the national retailer with a rep for poor customer service, legwork is required. That legwork is [...]