Resources for Surplus Management

Managing University Surplus: Software vs. Spreadsheets

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University Surplus Management Methods Surplus property includes assets you no longer need at your organization, but that doesn’t mean these assets are obsolete. As a university surplus manager, your goal is to extend the useful life of these surplus assets, ensuring your university generates as much value as possible by disposing of surplus property [...]

University Surplus Management: The Right Mix to Increase Revenue

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If you’re in university surplus, you know: generating surplus sales isn’t an exact science. Every school faces its own quirky constraints, locational restrictions, state requirements, and systems limitations… so for every sale, you work hard with what you can. Fortunately, there are some methods you can use to generate greater revenue for your university [...]

Government Surplus Asset Management at the Movies

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When you’re as obsessed with government surplus property as we are, you may start noticing its presence in some pretty unexpected places. For instance, how it plays out in popular movies. Today, we thought we’d share just a few movies that feature government surplus property as an element in the plot and discuss what [...]

Surplus Asset Management | What to Include on a Surplus Transfer Form

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When you put together a university surplus program, you might feel like you’re surrounded by a jungle of details. But the more you can streamline, organize and document your surplus asset process, the easier your journey will be when inventory and auditing season comes around. One of the first and most important steps in [...]

How to Create a University Surplus Management Policy

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Maybe you're considering launching a university surplus program, or your program is just beginning to get off the ground. Or maybe it's time to revisit your already-existing policy. No matter where you are in the process, you can help your school, your program — and make it easier on yourself! — by developing a [...]

Surplus Management Solution for Federal Surplus Property Programs (SASP)

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Each year, thousands of assets (maybe even hundreds of thousands) pass through your warehouse. At AssetWorks, we understand how managing this volume of State and Federal surplus property can be a challenge. And we appreciate what you do. Your efforts help divert waste from landfills. They save taxpayers money by extending the useful life [...]

The Financial Benefits of Surplus Software for Universities

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Moving to an automated solution to manage your surplus assets can result in a slew of fantastic benefits. Ones not just for your warehouse but your whole university. Surplus management software can save you time, encourage other departments to become more involved, and, of course,  make sure your university’s assets are disposed of responsibly. [...]

Surplus Software | Pricing & Implementation

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Surplus asset management solutions serve as a powerful tool to support your surplus warehouse, whether physical or virtual. The right surplus asset management software solution can provide many benefits to your organization, including time savings and an improved triple bottom line (TBL). As a surplus warehouse manager, you understand the true value an automated [...]

University Surplus Management | Ensure Proper Stewardship of University Surplus Assets

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If you’re involved in university surplus management, you know how valuable a successful program can be. Fixed assets represent a significant investment of university resources and play a critical role in your institution’s success. Whether your surplus warehouse is fully funded or self-funded, resources can be limited—so, as you well know, it’s important to [...]

University Surplus Management | Encouraging Engagement

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University surplus management is an important job. From our experience working closely with universities, we’ve learned that surplus operations have a lot to offer their institutions, including waste diversion and revenue generation. Your surplus operation can certainly be successful alone, but adequate support and cooperation from fellow university departments can help your warehouse achieve [...]