Risk Management Resources: Conferences, Websites, Social Media and Hot Topics

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If you're in risk management, you know that knowledge and planning is the key to better risk mitigation. Which is why we've pulled together this list of risk management resources, to connect you to the latest important industry information-- and fast! Interact with other risk management experts, learn more about topics like catastrophe modeling, [...]

It’s Not Easy Building Green!

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How big is building green? According to a 2016 World Green Building Trends report1, consumer demand has propelled the market to a trillion-dollar industry. The advantages of green buildings are many. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified buildings have lower CO2 emissions, consume less energy [...]

Breakthroughs in Construction and Building Materials can Help Save Costs and Mitigate Risk

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Defined by the Insurance Services Office (ISO), construction class descriptions are set in concrete. Builders, inspectors and appraisers abide by these ISO classifications in doing their respective jobs, as they carefully consider what materials are used in the construction of a building and just how much damage it may sustain in the event of [...]

What to Expect in 2016: Insurance and Property Risk Management Trends

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Last year, amidst a soft insurance market and a mild Atlantic hurricane season, topics ranging from wildfires and drones to mega-mergers (e.g. ACE / Chubb) grabbed the insurance headlines. We can expect similar risk management trends to carry us through 2016 as the buyer’s market continues and we wonder, where’s the floor? Here’s a [...]

2015 Risk & Insurance Outlook: Are These Projections Holding True?

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It’s hard to believe we are almost two months into 2015. Is it us or is this year flying by? Back in January, our team got together to discuss the trends expected to hit the risk and insurance industry this year. Below is a brief synopsis of some of our findings. The market will [...]