Top Takeaways in Property Risk and Exposures from RIMS 2023

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 If you missed last week’s RIMS (the risk management society®) conference in Atlanta, Georgia, or maybe just missed some sessions, here are a few of our team’s top takeaways from the sessions they attended: A hard market is here to stay (for a while) Often, when we experience an increase in the frequency and [...]

5 Ways Risk Management Software Can Help Your University

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University risk management departments are all about the details. Whether it’s dealing with insurance incidents and claims, Workers’ compensation, property insurance and loss, or vehicle management, it’s the university’s goal to harness those details to analyze, mitigate, and monitor risk. And that’s where the right risk management software can be a game-changer. A strong [...]

How Vehicle Management Software Revs Up Your Property Program

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Buildings... property-in-the-open... It's a lot to track and manage for insurance purposes. But having the right data on your insurance Statement of Values (SOV) can make a big difference in the size of your insurance policy — and your ratings! But there's another type of property that, for some organizations, can be equally important [...]

Property Risk Management Software: Where Do All the Maintenance Dollars Go?

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Whether you use AssetWorks’ AMP software for property risk management or you’ve purchased another system, you may have noticed a line in your SAAS agreement called “maintenance.” With AMP, maintenance is included in your software package as a service. But you may have wondered: what does “maintenance” really mean? Typically, there are two kinds [...]

How State Governments, Risk Pools & Schools Benefit from Data Risk Management

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When you’re managing property data to mitigate risk, it seems like there’s always something new to learn, gather and document. Between Statement of Values (SOV) submissions, catastrophe modeling and now convective storm modeling, the sheer amount of details to track, in order to ensure thorough insurance coverage and the best possible rates are monumental-- [...]