AssetWorks Risk Management: A Growing Team Serving Up Customer Success

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At AssetWorks, we consider ourselves successful when our customers are successful. And in that spirit of collective winning, we’ve been building up our risk management team to keep pace with our customers’ needs for quality services. We started by opening a brand-new San Antonio office in 2022, to better serve the Western U.S. Heading [...]

Goodbye Silo Effect: How a RMIS Opens Up Greater Effectiveness

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Organizations talk about the importance of collaboration, communication and information-sharing, but the Silo Effect remains a very real challenge— and it affects everything, including a company’s workflow and ability to manage risk. You’ll recognize it in duplicated efforts, inefficiencies, workarounds, and departments that focus narrowly on their own efforts without examining how they’re a part [...]

Take the Keys: How a Configurable RMIS System Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

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by John Paudel The risk industry is changing. Capturing more data points and providing more analytics for those points has become more important than ever before. If you work in any aspect of risk management within your organization, you recognize the enormous amount of information you need to process and track. It might be [...]

The Benefits of Integrating Training within Your RMIS System

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by Meghan Webley If a risk management department wants to be truly successful with their RMIS system, training helps form the foundation for that success. Training unifies users with consistent understanding and increases system reliance, so you get the most from your technological investment. With true knowledge of how the system works, a risk [...]

Property Insurance Basics: Rates, Premiums & Insurance Company Ratings

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Property management means you end up having to know a little bit about a lot of different things. And while you may know that property insurance is important for your business, it’s not always easy to find good information on the basics and how they can affect your own risk levels and bottom line. [...]

AMP RIMS: Unlimited Support, Unlimited Users, Unlimited Possibilities

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At AssetWorks, we recognize that as the task of managing organizational risk evolves and grows more complex, the need to stay ahead of the curve becomes increasingly significant. Over the years, we have learned more and more about risk management challenges faced by our customers that extend well beyond property risk. We knew we [...]