How Software for Risk Management Can Solve 6 Big Property Risk Problems

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AssetWorks Risk Management has been in the property risk management industry for a long time now. And one thing we’ve learned is that organizations face some very common, yet critical problems that only robust property risk management software can effectively solve. The six big customer issues that come up time after time include: [...]

How Vehicle Management Software Revs Up Your Property Program

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Buildings... property-in-the-open... It's a lot to track and manage for insurance purposes. But having the right data on your insurance Statement of Values (SOV) can make a big difference in the size of your insurance policy — and your ratings! But there's another type of property that, for some organizations, can be equally important [...]

Property Risk Management Software: Where Do All the Maintenance Dollars Go?

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Whether you use AssetWorks’ AMP software for property risk management or you’ve purchased another system, you may have noticed a line in your SAAS agreement called “maintenance.” With AMP, maintenance is included in your software package as a service. But you may have wondered: what does “maintenance” really mean? Typically, there are two kinds [...]

Five Strategies to Help Ensure a Smooth Software Implementation

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by Tyler Stuber An implementation is adopting a software application into a business workflow. And at first glance that may sound simple, but it involves a lot of different moving parts. That’s why every implementation here at AssetWorks follows a proven process designed to identify a client’s business needs, improve a client’s business workflow, [...]

How a Building Value Estimator Tool Can Help Trend Property Values Remotely

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In an ideal, magical land of property risk management, budgets would be limitless and there would be full, thorough, onsite physical inspections of every property in the insurance portfolio, anytime it was needed. Every necessary detail would be expertly verified and documented down to the last roof fastener. And 100% of your total replacement [...]

How Property Risk Management Software Empowers Remote Risk Management

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Our view of the workplace has changed so rapidly in 2020, it’s almost hard to believe that mere months ago most organizational activity and culture was steered from a unified office space. Now so many of us are out there, castaway to our own home office desert islands, Zoom-ing and Microsoft Teams-ing each other [...]

A Property Valuation Partner in the Age of COVID-19

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Today many organizations are concerned with how to protect the health and wellbeing of their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, while remaining active and profitable entities within their industries. It’s a careful balancing act we all must face during these stressful, rapidly-shifting circumstances. When it comes to property management, the shift presents its own [...]

Benefits of Automating the Claims Management Process

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by Elliott Holmes, Software Developer, AssetWorks Risk Management Inc. In the Claims industry, automating the claims management process has evolved from “How can we achieve automation?” to “When can we achieve automation?” Despite the desire to employ today’s industry best practices, many organizations’ processes continue to revolve around the use of cumbersome Excel spreadsheets, [...]

What to Look for When Choosing a Property Appraisal Company

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We all know that age-old saying: “You get what you pay for.” And when you’re choosing a property appraisal company, there are several important factors that can prove that adage true. When you engage an appraisal firm, you place a lot of heavy responsibility into the hands of your vendor because, let’s face it, [...]

What Robust Property Risk Software Means for Your Organization

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by Ryan Tate, Regional Director, AssetWorks Risk Management Inc. All property insurance programs are different: that, we know. But whether we’re talking about States, Risk Pools, or smaller public entities like counties, municipalities or school districts, it’s fair to say that they all have common problems when it comes to managing and perpetuating their [...]