Property Risk Management for Winter Storm Damage

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When winter weather ravages regions unaccustomed to the icy attentions of Jack Frost (like this past perilous February in Texas) the effects can be devastating and linger well-after the winter fury itself has passed. We’re talking about winter weather-related property damage, and the National Oceanic and Environmental Administration (NOAA) indicates that between 1980 and [...]

Writing Your Appraisal RFP for Property Insurance Appraisal Services

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by Greg Friz Comparing apples to apples, or apples to oranges? As a Regional Account Manager at AssetWorks Risk Management, I’ve been involved in our division’s response to numerous RFPs over the years. So I understand the challenges that organizations face when trying to sum up their entire property insurance appraisal needs in document [...]

What to Look for When Choosing a Property Appraisal Company

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We all know that age-old saying: “You get what you pay for.” And when you’re choosing a property appraisal company, there are several important factors that can prove that adage true. When you engage an appraisal firm, you place a lot of heavy responsibility into the hands of your vendor because, let’s face it, [...]

Property Insurance Appraisals: There is No Substitute for a Physical Inspection

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Managing the risk of property exposure requires values that are both current and accurate. Desktop appraisal methods and multiple years of value trending depend solely on the accuracy and completeness of the data provided at the time the structure was added to your statement of values. These methods can potentially result in inconsistent values [...]

Three Tips For Selecting An Insurance Appraisal Services Partner

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Selecting a property insurance appraisal services partner is not like buying a pack of gum. It is not simply a single transaction but rather the start of long-term relationship with your vendor, one in which you will be opening up your buildings to them. Below are a few things we think you should consider before [...]