How Software for Risk Management Can Solve 6 Big Property Risk Problems

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AssetWorks Risk Management has been in the property risk management industry for a long time now. And one thing we’ve learned is that organizations face some very common, yet critical problems that only robust property risk management software can effectively solve. The six big customer issues that come up time after time include: [...]

New Video: Unearth the Buried Treasure of Accurate, Thorough Property Data

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In our latest video, AssetWorks Risk Management shows you how our software and services help risk pools and other organizations gather and harness the buried treasure that is accurate, thorough property insurance data. We hope you'll check it out! You Might Also Like...

Dealing with Property Risk in an Increasingly Uncertain Climate

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We're coming to the end of 2021, and a quick review of the past months shows the emerging pattern for the year may be found in its lack of pattern: that is, it’s a year in flux. So far, it’s been a rollercoaster ride for those of us in the property risk management industry. [...]

How to Audit Property Data for Your Insurance Statement of Values (SOV)

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It’s a moving target subject to economic factors, new purchases, development, replacement and sale, shifting requirements and, the most frustrating and unpredictable element of all:  human error. What is it? Your property data, the information you gather yearly for your insurance Statement of Values (SOV). And by auditing your property data before you submit [...]

How Property Risk Management Software Empowers Remote Risk Management

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Our view of the workplace has changed so rapidly in 2020, it’s almost hard to believe that mere months ago most organizational activity and culture was steered from a unified office space. Now so many of us are out there, castaway to our own home office desert islands, Zoom-ing and Microsoft Teams-ing each other [...]

How State Governments, Risk Pools & Schools Benefit from Data Risk Management

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When you’re managing property data to mitigate risk, it seems like there’s always something new to learn, gather and document. Between Statement of Values (SOV) submissions, catastrophe modeling and now convective storm modeling, the sheer amount of details to track, in order to ensure thorough insurance coverage and the best possible rates are monumental-- [...]