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New Year, New Goals: How to Make This Year’s Annual Inventory Better

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Prepare for Annual Inventory: Annual inventory audits can seem to come around too soon. A little preparation goes a long way, though. Inventories don't have to feel rushed or planned at the last minute! Here are five tactics we’ve seen result in successful annual inventories:  1. Notify departments/agencies of upcoming inventory cycles Need help [...]

How COVID-19 Is Effecting Asset Management

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COVID-19 changed daily property, asset and surplus operations nearly overnight. Across state and local government, universities, K-12, defense and government contracting, asset managers and their teams have responded and adapted how they work. Sharing information and learning from one another is now more important than ever. To facilitate, AssetWorks conducted a brief poll to [...]

7 Things to Look for in an Inventory Management Software Solution

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by Sean Pugatch, AssetWorks Regional Account Manager, Appraisal Division Performing a physical inventory of your fixed assets can sometimes be a real adventure — a complex one of travel, pitfalls, forgotten treasures, missing artifacts and even a race against time. But the right inventory management software can do a lot to help you whip [...]

What to Look for in a Mobile Inventory Solution

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If you’re in inventory and asset management, you’re probably only too aware of how the “fixed” in “fixed assets” isn’t referring to the asset’s location. You know that day-in and day-out, your inventory is in perpetual flux. And not only can it shift in the blink of an eye, it can also have a [...]

Asset Tagging | The Right Tag for the Right Job

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So you want to have greater control over your fixed asset inventory and you’re not sure which asset tags to use. With all the asset tagging options on the market, you may feel spoiled for choice — and also a little overwhelmed. But don’t worry, we’ll break it down for you here. And the [...]

Automating Asset Tracking & Inventory Processes | 5 Benefits

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**Artwork from Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day 2019** **Special thanks to Sophia for contributing the below images** Fixed assets represent a significant investment for your organization. The professionals in charge of inventory management know that as our world grows more digital, the challenges and opportunities for tracking these assets expands. As [...]

3 Ways a Mobile Inventory Solution Helps After Audit Season

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From completing your inventory in less time to updating asset data efficiently, the benefits of an automated inventory system during audit season are clear. But if you’re making any software investment, it's wise to look for a system that will help your department thrive year-round. If that system is a mobile inventory solution, don’t [...]

Inventory Control: Scan & Validate and your ERP form a Strong Partnership

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is an important solution for organizations of all kinds. Depending on a user’s configuration, an ERP system has the ability to collect, store and manage data, all the while engaging in activities like purchasing, accounting, customer service, payroll and human resources. Since ERP busted on to the business scene [...]

Inventory Rx

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Mobile inventory solutions, through the use of handheld scanners or tablets and corresponding bar code or RFID tags, can enable you to quickly capture and track information on all of your assets while in the field. This includes the ability to reconcile data such as location, condition, asset information, and more.  Below are a [...]