School Asset Management | Put Down Your Spreadsheet

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Tracking, accounting, and reporting on fixed assets is critical for any organization. But for government entities, accurately reporting on fixed asset values, depreciation, and disposal isn’t just good practice — it’s required by law under GASB 34. Despite this government regulation, however, many organizations continue to overlook the significance of fixed asset management. Often, [...]

Classroom Technology | 3 Tips to Maximize Resources

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As a professional in the education industry, it's your top priority to ensure a high-quality education to the children of your district… and that’s a full-time job. Fortunately, there are resources available to help support those efforts. Among the most integral today is education technology. Devices like computers and tablets can make an enormous [...]

K12 Asset Management | Choosing the Best Solution for your District, Part 2

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The cost of providing education continues to increase. One of the reasons for the climbing cost is the ever growing amount of assets k12 school districts are responsible for, like technology devices, instruments, and lab equipment. To secure the safety of these (often expensive) assets, many schools today utilize an automated asset management solution. [...]

K12 Asset Management | Choosing the Best Solution for your District

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The right k12 asset management solution can provide massive benefits, including improved budget planning, simplified compliant reporting, and reduced loss of district assets. There are countless items to address when considering a solution for your school district. At AssetWorks, we understand better than anybody that when it comes to asset management solutions, one size [...]

Why Your School District Should be Tracking Tech Devices

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Technology has proven to be a dynamic and revolutionary tool for learning. It plays a critical role in the development of personalized learning initiatives, serves as a supplement to teachers’ lectures and lesson plans, and enhances student engagement. In 2015, approximately $4.7 billion dollars was spent on technology in K12 schools—and this trend isn’t [...]

Reduce Expenses & Increase Efficiency in Your School District

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As a school business official, you answer to countless stakeholders. They hold you accountable not just for managing a budget, but also to manage all of the school’s inventory and assets. Furthermore, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), elementary and secondary education expenditures are expected to increase, reaching a projected $659 [...]