The Benefits of GPS Tracking Equipment

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Request a Demo The Benefits of GPS Asset Tracking When you think about GPS asset tracking, you mostly think of devices that will give you basic location and are used as theft protection. Depending on the industry, companies fear that GPS tracking equipment might not work best with their line of work because of [...]

How accurate meter reading capture can help reduce vehicle downtime

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Request a Demo One constant battle fleet professionals will face is trying to reduce vehicle downtime. They understand that by having access to the right data, like odometer readings and engine hours, they are able to have better timelines of when vehicles need to go in for maintenance and help prevent any unseen issues. [...]

GPS Tracking for Fleets: Heat Maps

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Request a Demo Like many fleet professionals, you want to use data to make accurate decisions and improve your fleets efficiency. But what if you want to get a closer look to see what your vehicles are doing? AssetWorks Field Service Solutions (FSS) features comprehensive GPS and Telematics technology, goes beyond your standard features. [...]