How to Avoid Corrective Action Requests with Self-Assessments

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Self-Assessments Can Prevent Corrective Action Requests How can government contractors avoid DCMA Corrective Action Requests (CARs)? It turns out something minor, like a simple self-assessment, can help in avoiding Corrective Action Requests (CARs) for property system deficiencies. While the outcome ultimately lays with the government contract manager and the team assigned to the project, [...]

Recoup News: Named best in scalable asset management solutions 

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AssetWorks Named Best Asset Management Software for 2022 Recoup, the all-in-one resource recovery system for government and higher education, was recently named the best asset management software by the third-party review site Recoup brings the best of fixed asset inventory management, with the power to add on features to scale for each users’ [...]

Managing University Surplus: Software vs. Spreadsheets

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University Surplus Management Methods Surplus property includes assets you no longer need at your organization, but that doesn’t mean these assets are obsolete. As a university surplus manager, your goal is to extend the useful life of these surplus assets, ensuring your university generates as much value as possible by disposing of surplus property [...]

Classroom Technology | 3 Tips to Maximize Resources

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As a professional in the education industry, it's your top priority to ensure a high-quality education to the children of your district… and that’s a full-time job. Fortunately, there are resources available to help support those efforts. Among the most integral today is education technology. Devices like computers and tablets can make an enormous [...]

Fixed Asset Management | How to Avoid a Mid-Asset Lifecycle Crisis, Part 2

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Fixed asset management is critical to organizations seeking to maximize or extend the lifecycle of fixed assets. Your organization's fixed assets, whether capital or non-capital, are all valuable resources that contribute to overall production and profits. And though they may differ in characteristics like size, category, useful life and more, they all share in [...]

Fixed Asset Tracking | 20 Data Elements to Collect

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Fixed asset tracking is important for organizations of all sizes. By implementing a sophisticated fixed asset tracking system, your organization can simplify asset accounting and reporting processes, lower costs, improve accountability, streamline operations, and more. With so many asset characteristics, it may be difficult to determine which data elements are most important to capture [...]

How to Avoid a Mid-Asset Lifecycle Crisis, Part 1

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The asset lifecycle is considered one of the key processes by which asset management decisions are made. If you are in charge of your organization’s assets, you’re probably familiar with the asset lifecycle. The specific criteria for each element of the asset lifecycle differ from one organization to another, but it is commonly broken down [...]

Fixed Asset Management Benefits | More than Just Location

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In real estate, they say the most important considerations are “location, location, location.” And when it comes to fixed asset management benefits, we agree with the real estate agent’s mantra—location is certainly important. For many organizations, assets are a considerable investment. Tracking your assets with asset tags and scanning technology is a great way [...]

Terms to Know: Asset Management Terminology from A-to-Z

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As an asset manager, you recognize the importance of asset tracking and accounting, and understand the benefits the right asset management system can offer your organization. However, throughout the asset tracking process, you may have come across some technical jargon that you or others on your team are not quite familiar with. Read on [...]

Using an Asset Management Spreadsheet: a Simple Solution That Could Lead To Complex Problems

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Challenges to Consider when Relying on Spreadsheets to Track and Manage Assets For years school districts and other public entities got by using multiple, complex spreadsheets for fixed asset tracking and accounting. While this may be a quick and simple solution, it also presents many risks. 1. VOLUME OF DATA: As the number of assets [...]