Budget conscious tips for facilities energy management

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Facilities energy management is a juggling act. With rising energy costs and shrinking budgets, energy managers walk a fine line of maintaining occupant comfort while keeping campus costs low. Today, we’ll take a look at a few simple ways you can provide comfort for your occupants - while minding the budget. Simple changes can [...]

Three Things that Happen When you Implement Energy Management Software

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Does adding energy management software to your technology lineup seem like another overwhelming task for your already daunting to-do list? We get it. As a facilities professional, you have a lot on your plate. The time investment required to select, implement, and train employees to use a new tool can feel overwhelming. We won’t [...]

Three Hidden Benefits of Energy Management Software

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Is energy management software worth the cost? When considering energy management systems, you’re faced with the age old struggle of increasing facility efficiency while keeping costs low. Unfortunately, energy management is rarely seen as critical for facilities. As a result, it’s often overlooked as a critical component to successful facilities management. A major roadblock [...]

What nobody will tell you about homegrown energy management solutions

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Energy management software - is it really necessary for your facility? After all, energy data isn’t always seen as critical to the day to day function of your facility, and often lacks support. And, you’ve already developed a spreadsheet system that seems to do a pretty good job of meeting your needs. So, why [...]

Critical Components of  Energy Management Software

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Choosing the right energy management software is at the heart of your success as an energy manager - choose wisely. Learn More About our Building Energy Management Software Energy management software is critical for your facility. A core function of energy software is providing insight into your facility’s energy consumption. Without specific data, you’re [...]