Secure Proper Insurance Coverage at the Best Rates: 3 Ways an Accurate Statement of Values Can Help

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A statement of values (SOV) is a declaration to insurance providers of which properties your entity intends to insure. At a minimum, an SOV generally includes a name, address, square footage, occupancy, and replacement cost for each property listed. For risk management professionals concerned about property risk exposures, an up-to-date, accurate SOV is critical. [...]

Secondary COPE Information Insurance Data: Avoid The “Worst Case Scenario”

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Collect Secondary COPE Data to Improve your Risk Profile Having accurate, up-to-date insurable values for all buildings and structures on your property schedule is a good start to understanding your organization’s exposure to property risk. With that said, while this can help ensure your property is insured to value, it is detailed building data [...]

The Value of COPE Data Collection: A Differentiated Risk Profile Could Mean Lower Rates

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Last year the US government declared a record breaking number of disasters. From hurricanes to floods, and earthquakes to wildfires, catastrophes causing damage in excess of $1 billion swept the nation. Unfortunately, with a rising number of catastrophes and claims often comes rising insurance rates. With decades of experience in the property insurance appraisal [...]

2015 Risk & Insurance Outlook: Are These Projections Holding True?

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It’s hard to believe we are almost two months into 2015. Is it us or is this year flying by? Back in January, our team got together to discuss the trends expected to hit the risk and insurance industry this year. Below is a brief synopsis of some of our findings. The market will [...]