Windstorm Mitigation: Architectural Features and Storm Resistance

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In the past, we’ve discussed how architectural details affect earthquake resistance, and how documenting those details for your insurance Statement of Values (SOV) can help you secure the right insurance coverage at the best rates. So today, we’ll talk about the other common way your building can be affected by risk — windstorm. Like [...]

What’s in a Replacement Cost Value? (And What’s Not!)

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by Sandra Hou, Director of Appraisal Services — West In the insurance industry, replacement cost value (often referred to simply as “replacement cost”) is one of the most common and acceptable values used to insure properties. In my line of work, we are often hired by risk pools to value their members’ properties for [...]

The Hot Details on Fire Resistive Construction & Other ISO Classifications

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With wildfires blazing across much of the western U.S., and property owners fearing for their families, homes and businesses, having the right insurance coverage before disaster strikes takes on a whole new level of importance. How fire-resistive is your property? For property managers, reinsurers and risk pools, knowing your fire-resistance class and having the [...]

Earthquake Risks: How Architectural Features Affect Seismic Resistance

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The age-old saying, “The bigger they are the harder they fall” is believed to have originally come from boxing. But for those of us in property risk management, it’s also a fair description of how buildings of certain structural types can react to seismic events. In fact, there are a lot of architectural and [...]

How a Building Value Estimator Tool Can Help Trend Property Values Remotely

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In an ideal, magical land of property risk management, budgets would be limitless and there would be full, thorough, onsite physical inspections of every property in the insurance portfolio, anytime it was needed. Every necessary detail would be expertly verified and documented down to the last roof fastener. And 100% of your total replacement [...]

Replacement Costs Vs Reproduction Costs for Appraising Historic Property

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by Gary Tate When you’re insuring a historic property, you’re likely to face questions you wouldn’t encounter with more modern buildings. One of the biggest of these is whether you insure the building for replacement costs or reproduction costs. But before we dive into that, first let’s talk about what constitutes a historic property. [...]