Reduce Your Fleet’s Costs with Electronic Field Ticketing

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Request a Demo Biggest goal for fleet managers: reducing costs. It’s no secret that the last couple years brought unexpected changes. Fleet managers have been working long days trying to figure out where to save money and reduce costs. More businesses have been turning to electronic field ticketing for its dispatching and flexibility. Organizing [...]

Now is the time to start getting ready for the ELD Mandate

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Request a Demo Transport Canada has set their deadline for the upcoming ELD Mandate for June 12, 2021, with no word of extending the deadline in sight. You might be a fleet company that is willing to roll the dice and wait to see about a future extension. History has shown though, that might [...]

ELD Strategies – What companies should keep in mind

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Request a Demo We’re just months away from the Canadian ELD Mandate, and there’s no grace period this time. After the U.S. ELD Mandate went into effect, there was a two-year grace period for fleets to make the adjustment from AOBRDs. However, when June 12, 2021 hits, there will be no such grace period [...]

A True Love Story: Truckers and ELDs

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Let’s be clear, the relationship between Truckers and ELDs has not been “love at first sight” by any means. It’s no secret that truck drivers have resisted the ELD technology and shuffled their feet about leaving paper logs behind. The new technology might have scared some drivers. It’s a whole new system to learn [...]