Surplus Management Software Closing the Loop on Lifecycle Asset Management Surplus Management Software Closing the Loop on Lifecycle Asset Management
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Maximize resources and track information like never before

Managing surplus property from acquisition through redistribution, sale, or disposal can be a very labor-intensive, time-consuming process. However, the benefits associated with extending the useful life of assets, generating revenue, and diverting waste from landfills can be great.

Whether you are tracking one facility or multiple distribution centers, AssetWorks’ Surplus Management Software (SMS) is a scalable solution designed to help you automate and streamline processes, making it easier to achieve both environmental and fiscal sustainability goals.

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BIG TEN Surplus

Surplus Management By-The-Numbers

Learn more about how some of the schools in the BIG TEN Conference have been contributing to sustainability and zero-waste goals with this informational infographic.

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“You can’t put a dollar value on the time we save and the information we have access to.”
-Susie Barthel, Louisiana Property Assistance Agency

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Surplus Management Software

SMS from AssetWorks includes functional modules for:

  • Transfers, Receiving, & Warehouse Management
  • Redistribution, Sale, & Disposal
  • Federal Surplus (SASP) Asset Management
  • Reporting & Accounting
  • Mobile Data Collection

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