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It’s Never Been Easier to Advertise Surplus Inventory


Recoup Promote is the first-ever marketing software designed especially for government and university surplus.

With Recoup Promote, you can advertise available inventory on-line and in real-time. Layered with Recoup Ops, the Promote module updates inventory listings automatically. When items are claimed or sold they are instantly removed from your site with no extra steps needed!

Eligible buyers can search and filter inventory, view photos, and get full item details from a customized online surplus store. Listing data comes directly from the same asset management system staff uses, improving communication and preventing errors.


All-in-One Marketing and Advertising

Post available items directly from your asset management system to a customized, easy-to-use, 24/7 digital storefront. Collect emails, curate Want Lists, and communicate eligibility and policies all from the same website. Listings are automatically updated or removed once an item is claimed or sold.

Two-Click Photos

Adding photos to your online surplus warhouse couldn’t be easier thanks to an integration with our AssetWorks Image Capture mobile app. Scan the barcode, take a photo and the image is instantly added to both Promote and your asset record.

Move Inventory Faster with Featured Items

Popular items can get buried in a long inventory list. Not with Promote! Set featured items and send email blasts to ensure in-demand surplus gets attention as quickly as possible.

Easy to Mange and Control

Recoup’s built-in Content Management System (CMS) makes it easy to control and manage the content and design of your own digital surplus storefront. Anyone you choose can learn to administer the site- no techincal experience is required. Writing and publishing content or adding media are as simple as writing an email or using word processing software.

Reach More People

Going digital brings more awareness to your surplus operation and inventory. Spreading the word on a new policy, initiative or item becomes as easy as sharing a link. Your site will also be easily accessible via web search thanks to our modern platform and SEO best practices.

Custom Access and Permissions

You control who sees which types of property, avoiding time-consuming errors. Have preference buyers, timed, or tiered access for you property? Promote includes settings that manage access to specific assets automatically based on inventory record data. It also includes comprehensive files on all of your users and eligibility status.

Save Valuable Resources

Reduce overhead costs and streamline your operations. Digital storefronts take less time and staff to maintain, thanks especially to features like auto-updates when an item is transferred, donated or sold. Data is streamlined and easy to understand or report.

Optimize Revenue Strategies

Data collected in Recoup will allow you and your team insights into which items are in high demand, which sell the fastest, what’s most popular for wants lists, etc. Recoup includes an entire tookit for maximizing surplus revenue, including email campaigns, highlighting featured inventory and more.

Creating a website or online warehouse used to require custom development or spending a lot of time modifying out-of-the box sites. Not anymore!

Let’s Talk Promote


Flexible and customizable surplus marketing software built specifically for government and universities

  • Online Warehouse

  • Content Management System (CMS)

  • Email Management

  • Want Lists

  • Reporting and Analytics


Recoup Promote is one of four modules of Recoup. When combined with Recoup Ops, Bid or Buy, Recoup Promote becomes a full Resource Recovery System (RRS). Recoup goes beyond traditional inventory and surplus systems. This new approach enables your organization to generate profit, save money and connect to an entire reuse network while improving day-to-day operations.

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