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Our Government Surplus Asset Management Software can help you:

  • Generate revenue for the State and extend the useful life of assets through multiple methods of resale, redistribution, or disposal
  • Save time and money by automating workflow processes for managing surplus property from acquisition through disposal
  • Make informed decisions and ensure regulatory compliance with detailed data and the ability to run standard and custom reports as needed
  • Maintain all information related to surplus assets in one sophisticated database, accessible in real time by approved users with various levels of access
  • Automate many aspects of the GSA surplus property program including donee management, form 123 processing, and utilization and compliance tracking.

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Each year, thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of assets pass through your warehouse. We understand that managing this volume of State and Federal surplus property can be a challenge but we appreciate what you do. By diverting waste from landfills and extending the useful life of assets you help ensure proper stewardship of tax payer dollars while increasing fiscal responsibility and transparency.

From acquisition through disposal, surplus management software solutions from AssetWorks are designed to help you operate more efficiently and effectively. It’s true, more States rely on Surplus Management Software from AssetWorks than any other surplus asset management solution out there.

Would you like to to learn more about how we help Government Surplus operations?

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Track assets throughout their lifecycle with integrated solutions from AssetWorks.

We offer a truly integrated solution for tracking, accounting, and reporting on assets from acquisition through disposal.