No Surplus Warehouse. No Problem.

These days on some college campuses and in some areas of the country, space comes at a premium. If you are responsible for the disposal or redistribution of surplus assets but don’t have a warehouse in which to store those assets or have limited space in which to store those assets, rest assured, you are not alone. Decades ago, this may have been a real challenge but today, with the technology available to you, increasing your surplus turnover or managing a virtual surplus warehouse may be easier than you think.

Here are a few of the available solutions that can help make selling surplus “as is, where is” or with a limited surplus space a bit easier.

Web Surplus Software

Assets that are submitted and “received” by a virtual warehouse can be listed on a website for others to view. This means parties who are eligible to purchase assets can see what’s available without having to go to a physical warehouse location.

Surplus Software Integrations with Online Auction Platforms

Online auction platforms are a great way to get your best items in front of bidders. Upon implementing surplus asset management software that interfaces with leading online auction platforms, you can eliminate the need for double data entry by creating auctions from within your surplus asset database. All pictures, descriptions, and sales information follow the asset as it is listed for auction and sold.

Easy-to-use Image Capture Technology

In a virtual warehouse environment, photographs of assets can be critical. A mobile application for adding photos to asset records can save you time and improve inventory turnover rates as prospective purchasers can see images of available surplus.


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