Surplus Upcycling: Scare Up Some Halloween Shoppers

Hook Upcyclers in the Spirit of the Season to Drive Traffic to your Warehouse

Love it or hate it, Halloween is a time when revelers cut loose in decorating their houses and dressing up in fun, sometimes elaborate costumes.  According to the National Retail Federation, shoppers are expected to spend close to $8.5 billion in 2016 on costumes, decorations and other items. With this kind of spending, Halloween presents a unique opportunity for surplus managers.

Those with a knack for craft or a commendable habit of living a green life shouldn’t have a problem going big with items readily available at a surplus store. As a surplus property professional, you can leverage the holiday season as a creative way to alert these potential customers to the treasure trove available at the warehouse.

Post costume and decoration ideas on social media, hand out fliers at the student union or advertise with local newspapers all in an effort to get the word out. A game plan can only enhance the chance of bringing in customers looking for those final pieces for a decoration or costume.

Not sold on the potential Halloween holds for your surplus warehouse? Check out these costume and decoration ideas that put a spotlight on upcycling.



Half man, half computer: Second-hand computers are readily available at many surplus warehouses. An original costume like this may take some work, but it’s nice to know you won’t have to take apart your personal computer or laptop to make it work.


It’s a gypsy: Surplus warehouses sometimes have clothing on site. Those looking for a cool component for a gypsy or fortune teller costume can make use of loose ties or other mismatched fabrics. Sew them all together, and a free-spirited dress emerges.


Trashy costume: Old garbage cans, buckets or pots may be found in a surplus warehouse. While a little cleaning might be required, these pieces can be important in finishing off a garbage or recycling can costume.


Taking flight: With a little bit of creativity, discarded fabric can be used for a costume that will have people talking at any Halloween party. An owl costume makes good use of different fabrics.


Out of the dark: Umbrellas are plenty on college campuses, as students or professors forget and leave them behind. Some may make their way to the surplus warehouse. Using an umbrella for wings in capping off a bat costume makes perfect sense.



The perfect pumpkin: Instead of picking up a pumpkin at the local grocery store and worrying about disposing of it, stop off at your local surplus warehouse for a few books. With some paint and a couple of other odds and ends, creating a reusable pumpkin will propel your decorations.


Adding the pieces: Those not big on carving pumpkins can simply decorate one. Decide on what you might need – lamp shades, computer parts and loose odds and ends – and consider a stop at the college surplus store for these pieces.


Scarecrow time: As mentioned earlier, clothing is usually available at a surplus store. Pick up some clothing and wood planks at the surplus warehouse to build a frightening scarecrow.


Build something: Look around a college surplus warehouse and you’re sure to find some wood pallets laying around. Getting ahold of some pallets will up your game because the pieces can be used for many Halloween-themed decorating ideas like this blood-stained door. Just add a sign and a little paint, and you’re there.


Spiders everywhere: Old computers take up space in most surplus warehouses, and taking them apart could lead to some interesting ideas. For example, spider or wreath decorations can be created from a computer’s motherboard to add a cool, technological aspect to your Halloween décor.

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