Surplus Management Solution for Federal Surplus Property Programs (SASP)

Each year, thousands of assets (maybe even hundreds of thousands) pass through your warehouse. At AssetWorks, we understand how managing this volume of State and Federal surplus property can be a challenge. And we appreciate what you do.

Your efforts help divert waste from landfills. They save taxpayers money by extending the useful life of government-owned assets. And they help ensure proper stewardship of those dollars, while increasing both fiscal responsibility and transparency.

But maybe most important of all, your hard work helps organizations get the resources they need at an affordable price, supporting communities in need.

When we asked the Bureau Chief of Surplus Property in New Mexico, Chris Barela, what he enjoys most about working in surplus, he said:

“I enjoy knowing that we’re making it easier on smaller communities to be able to receive property. They’re happy with us, and it’s kind of like Christmas when they can come in and get reasonably-priced items and still have money in the budget for other things. I enjoy the fact that we’re there and can provide a very valuable service to the state of New Mexico.”


The State and Federal Surplus Balancing Act

Whether you’re the director, assistant director, manager, or a staff member for your state’s federal surplus property program, we know that your job is never easy— and never finished. Especially, because so many of you are managing both state and federal surplus property. Here you are, legally-required to keep those entities separate. Yet you’re forever challenged to switch your mindset from “GSA regulations” to “state statutes” in the blink of an eye.

What’s more, many federal surplus programs are performing (successfully!) with teams as small as two or three people. At AssetWorks, we’ve witnessed what your teams can get done, and we marvel at your initiative every day.

Last year, we asked a Federal Property Officer in Alaska what a typical day in the warehouse looked like for him. He responded, “Everything… Everything. So busy.”

Sound familiar? How does your warehouse do it? Share your story with us at and we’ll be happy to feature you here on our blog. Your tips and tricks could make all the difference to some of your peers in surplus.

So… what if you learned that you could get even more done with less effort? What if you had access to better records? Could find quicker answers? Were able to process more supply, more efficiently? What if you had the data you need at your fingertips for both state and federal programs?

Good news! This isn’t just wishful thinking. It’s AssetWorks Federal Surplus Software.

A Surplus Management Solution That Gives You More of What You Need

We know you’re strapped for time and resources. That’s why AssetWorks designed a tool to help state and local government agencies like yours and eligible non-profits in your state— get the tools they need to operate and succeed.

The Evolution of AssetWorks Surplus Software

The original AssetWorks Surplus Management Software solution for states was developed for the Alabama government. The state was already a customer using our Asset Management Software (AMS) to manage its active assets. Then, in 2004, the Alabama Surplus Property Division purchased our surplus management tool, making their system even more robust.

Two years later, Alabama approached AssetWorks again, this time asking for a solution to help manage the intricacies of the Federal Surplus Program. After in-depth consultation with our Software Development team, the first AssetWorks’ Federal Surplus (SASP) Software was born. And in 2007, Alabama was the first on our extensive customer list to reap the benefits.

What’s Included?

AssetWorks’ Federal Surplus Software has all the features you need to manage state and federal surplus efficiently, including:

  • Detailed eligibility and contract management
  • Integrated Form 123 processing
  • GSA lot transfer, receiving, and donation tracking
  • Comprehensive utilization and compliance tracking
  • Over/Short, Form 3040, ad hoc and standard reports

All You Need in One Package

Unlike other AssetWorks modular software solutions, our Federal Surplus Software comes all in one package. It’s automatically equipped with every feature your state agency needs. This lets you maintain all of your surplus asset information in one sophisticated database. And AssetWorks Federal Surplus Software supports the following GSA programs:

  • Federal Surplus Property Program Form 123
  • Excess Military Equipment Program Form 1033
  • Law Enforcement Equipment Program Form 1122
  • Federally-Owned Fixed-Price Vehicle Program
  • Surplus Property Program from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Need more details? Learn even more about the functionality here.

You Deserve a Solution that Meets Your Unique Needs

We’ve seen how hard you work to keep your federal and state surplus property programs up and running. That’s why, from acquisition through disposal, AssetWorks is there, helping your surplus warehouse become more effective and efficient every day. federal surplus assets


Whether you’re tracking one facility or multiple distribution centers, AssetWorks Surplus Management Software (SMS) is a scalable solution, designed to help your surplus warehouse automate and streamline processes, making it easier to achieve both environmental and fiscal sustainability goals.


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