Surplus Management Resources: Conferences, Websites, and Social Media to Check Out in 2018

Whether working in the government or higher education sector, surplus property managers have a lot to think about. Government regulation, organizational requirements, diverting waste from landfills, and deciding on the right auction site are just some of the concerns. Luckily, there are places to go for insight and inspiration in the form of surplus organizations, conferences and surplus-focused websites. Here are a few to check out:


USPA (University Surplus Property Association): The push towards zero-waste has more institutions of higher learning focusing on upcycling, reuse, recycling and more. USPA gathers university surplus property managers from across the country to discuss strategies and trends in surplus management. Conference: April 8-11, West Lafayette, Ind.  Learn more

NASASP (National Association of State Agencies for Surplus Property): State surplus managers gather for this conference to network about topics like marketing to donees, fee structures and warehouse operations. Educational sessions are offered, along with member meetings. Conference: July 22-26, Louisville, Ky.  Learn more

NPMA (National Property Management Association): NPMA hosts a handful of educational seminars throughout the year, but the biggest is the National Education Seminar. While focus is around property management, surplus, on the university and federal levels, is a part of the educational curriculum. Conference: Aug. 6-9, Chicago  Learn more

AASHE (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education): Sustainability leaders from across the globe attend the AASHE Conference and Expo for educational sessions and the ability to network with industry thought leaders. For attendees, sustainability isn’t just a job. It’s a way of life. Conference: Oct. 2-5, Pittsburgh  Learn more


AssetWorks ( In addition to offering software solutions to help surplus operations manage assets from transfer through sale or redistribution, AssetWorks maintains a blog and resource center complete with info and trends re: surplus asset management.

GovDeals ( Largely an auction site for surplus operations across the country, GovDeals also has a portion of its site where it shares news on surplus sales and it’s a good reference for surplus managers debating pricing. Added bonus: GovDeals is a Liquidity Services Marketplace Company. Their blog is full of interesting information:

GSA ( Government surplus managers are no stranger to the General Services Administration website. The GSA site lays out the rules and policies adhered to by state and federal surplus managers. A blog and news tidbits are also available.

NASASP ( Those responsible for federal surplus will want to bookmark the NASASP site and use it as a reference. A monthly newsletter, meeting information, presentations and contact info are available.

NPMA ( The National Property Management Association website pays most of its attention to the management of active assets, but also produces some content surplus property managers may find useful.

Pinterest ( One of the more popular social media platforms, Pinterest has a special place for DIYers and upcycle enthusiasts. Pinterest contains endless ideas that can be shared between surplus managers and their prospective customers.

USPA ( The University Surplus Property Association site is a treasure trove of information for surplus experts as well as newbies to the surplus game. An informative forum, trusted vendor list and member videos are site highlights.


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