What is the Surplus Madness Bracket Challenge?

If you work in surplus for higher education, you’ve likely dealt with your fair share of desks, printers, and computers. Then there are those diamonds in the rough: an outlier asset, something unique.

Here’s how it usually goes:

When it arrives, your coworkers call you over, because “You gotta take a look at this.” You see it and either laugh or stare in confusion.

You wonder: What do we do with this thing? Why does the school have this? Where did this come from?

Your friends outside of work may not know a thing about “surplus asset management,” but you’re sure to take a photo to show them later. After all, it’s funny moments like this that keep the day-to-day interesting!

This month, the AssetWorks Surplus Asset Management team wants to celebrate these moments. Together our community can share in the strange, wonderful world of University Surplus. Welcome to AssetWorks’ third annual Surplus Madness Bracket Challenge!

What is Surplus Madness?

Surplus Madness Bracket Challenge is an annual competition hosted by AssetWorks. We invite university surplus teams to “compete” to find the wackiest, weirdest, and most interesting surplus assets.

The AssetWorks team will share the entries via email. Throughout March, we narrow down the competition through a series of brackets. Entries voted to be the most unique head to the next round, ending in a head-to-head face-off!

Anyone can vote, and we encourage universities to ask for support from their communities. This can not only serve to promote your surplus program but also to up the fun during the challenge. After all, who doesn’t love a little healthy competition?

Surplus Madness History

Given that this is the third Surplus Madness challenge, we’ve seen some wild items through the years. As you’ll see, our winner for two years running earned their championship title!

In 2018, the University of Pittsburgh’s Surplus team won the first Surplus Madness Challenge. Their entry? A “BOD POD” for wellness testing.

Last year, Pittsburgh took home the gold again. Their entry? A robot used to test cadaver knee ligaments.

Pittsburgh had some stiff competition, though. The runner-up, University of Kansas, entered a genuine antique. We hope this Qing Dynasty Chinese Throne found an elegant home!

In 2018 an honorable mention went to The University of Cincinnati. They earned a spot as one of the Elite Four with a guillotine for mice. It seems like the science departments come in swinging!

Here’s Hoping for Another Great Challenge

To enter this year’s Surplus Madness Bracket Challenge, email assetworks360@assetworks.com. Include a photo and a brief description of the asset you’d like to enter. Stories and details are encouraged!

Then check your email or this blog for updates and to vote. We’re sure this year will follow history and bring many interesting entries!

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