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AssetWorks’ Go Solutions is more than just a traditional “billing agent.” Go serves as a Medicaid reimbursement consultant and partner to hundreds of school districts all over the country.

Go Solutions’ GoClaimTM software, for example, can interface with any IEP product and either import services reported into IEP or allow direct provider service entry into the system. Services entered are turned into a claim and submitted to the state Medicaid vendor for district reimbursement for qualified services provided. Because system access is role-based, districts can decide and specify exactly what access should be assigned to district personnel.

  • FERPA and HIPAA compliant
  • Automated student file uploads
  • Electronic supervisory documentation
  • Provider Utilization Tracking
  • Intuitive calendar service entry
  • Medicaid eligibility checks and maintains student eligibility information
  • Audit support
  • Customizable quick-notes tokens
  • Group entry
  • Parent informed consent tracking
  • Referral and prescription tracking
  • Transportation capture
  • Administrative Dashboard
  • Enhanced service delivery notes
  • System audit trail
  • Ability to create progress notes
  • Ability to set defaults for student service time and ICD-10 code

Quality is the Best Business Plan

Go Solutions supports your district’s business goals with:

  • A system that caters to providers or therapists
  • Unlimited trainings included for no additional charge
  • Claim reconciliation
  • Quick issue resolution with a team dedicated to support
  • Access to Medicaid consultants with the expertise to get you your maximum reimbursement
  • Warning sign reports on the user dashboard to notify you of any potential losses
  • A customizable time saving system with custom notes, ability to set defaults, reports, and assign parameters

AssetWorks’ OASYS Gives Your Special Education Program the Lift-off Power it Deserves

OASYS offers modules to support K-12 school districts’ special education programs, tracking IEP students’ progress and the services they need. Modules include:

The Total Solution

With over 27 years of experience supporting schools in their fee-for-service and Medicaid administrative claiming programs, Go Solutions, Inc. is recognized as a national leader. With the acquisition and integration of OASYS LLC, Go Solutions has expanded its service offerings by providing an integrated suite of software products that give administrators, educators, and service providers the power of information at their fingertips. Our integrated services offer solutions for the total student and can interface with districts’ student management system for complete, seamless data retrieval.

Take an interstellar journey with AssetWorks’ Go Solutions and OASYS team to find more efficient special education management and Medicaid reimbursements!

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