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Now’s the time!

AssetWorks can help you upgrade your Scan & Validate hardware with one of our two leading-edge wireless scanners. Choose from the following versatile fixed asset inventory scanning solutions:

Zebra MC3300 Mobile Computer. With a durable Gorilla Glass touch screen, easier aim and multiple scanning options, this Android 7.0-based Zebra MC3300 reliably scans at low, intermediate and long ranges. Its WI-FI capabilities mean you can connect to your Scan & Validate mobile app instantly from anywhere that has WI-FI access. But when WI-FI is scarce? No problem! You can easily work off-line and synchronize later. Its warm-swap batteries virtually eliminate downtime while on-the-job. And if you have existing MC3200 charging cradles you still want to use, you’ll be happy to know these are still compatible with the MC3300 model.

Zebra TC72 WLAN Touch Computer. This ultra-rugged Android 8.1 touchscreen scanner offers reliable, efficient, fixed asset inventory scanning with a smartphone feel. Its WI-FI connectivity and superior asset tag capturing capabilities are major highlights of this user-friendly technology. Inputting updates to inventory data becomes fast and intuitive with this model. Plus, its Gorilla Glass touch panel offers maximum scratch-resistance and shatter-proofing. 

Once you go WI-FI, you won’t look back.

With new scanning technology from AssetWorks, you’ll enter an exciting, mobile, and more efficient world of fixed asset inventory. Check out these features:

  • The perfect chance to say goodbye to that cradle and middleware
  • Real-time wireless auto-sync, so no matter where you are, your inventory data is always the most current
  • Nimble scanning that works with you
  • Better protections against losing valuable data between uploads
  • The ability to work offline, when WI-FI isn’t available
  • The flexibility to stay ahead of platform changes down the road

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