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AMP Risk Management Software

Bridge the Gap Between Valuation Results and Valuation Management

As an organization, being exposed to a variety of risks is inevitable. Which means, being prepared for the event of a risk occurrence is critical. When it comes to managing property data for your organization or risk pool, AMP Property Risk Management Software from AssetWorks offers an innovative approach. By maintaining data about buildings and structures, property-in-the-open, fixed assets, and licensed vehicles, in a single, comprehensive database, AMP can help bridge the gap between valuation results and valuation management.

An Innovative Approach to Risk Management

This brief video will take you on a tour of AMP Property Risk Management Software, highlighting the property tracking, valuation management, and dynamic reporting capabilities.

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“The idea of going back and using spreadsheets to try to manage 3500 plus
listings of property with all the data and values is something we just absolutely
would not ever go back and do.”

–Dr. Frank Vail, Director of Insurance Services, SCSBIT

Read The Case Study

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AMP Property Risk Management Software

AMP offers a convenient, efficient, and secure method of tracking and reporting data used for:

  • Loss Control
  • Proof-of-Loss Documentation
  • Catastrophe Modeling
  • Annual Updating of Values
  • Property Marketing and Placement