There Are So Many Ways To Reuse Surplus Assets!

We love when our friends over at the University Surplus Property Association use their Facebook account to share ideas for reusing various items. It’s amazing to see the many ways in which surplus property can find a new life. We’d thought we’d get in on the action and share some of our favorite finds with you.

Wood Pallets
Why dispose of excess wood pallets when you could turn them into amazing pieces of furniture. Click here to see 21 unique ways.

You might need to be technologically savvy to leverage some of these ideas (an old VCR into a toaster, really?!?!) but a couple of them just require some good old creativity. Click here to check them out.

For some of these ideas, you need several bicycles but for some of our favorites, you only need one or two. From garden planters to clocks, here are 21 inspiring ways to repurpose old bike wheels.

The term “upcycle” means to convert materials that are no longer needed or are waste into something new. These sites have some great “upcycling” ideas that we never would have thought of…
50 more creative upcycling ideas

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