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AssetWorks Virtual Valuation Services Solution Sheet

virtual property insurance valuations

So what is a virtual valuation?

It’s a lot like an onsite inspection and valuation, but combines today’s technology, AssetWorks’ property valuation expertise, and strong collaboration with key customer contacts to form a current, comprehensive picture of an organizations’ property. It’s specifically designed to ensure Statement of Values data and property programs stay on-track when onsite inspections and valuations are limited due to scheduling, logistics or budget.

How is a virtual valuation different than an onsite inspection and valuation?

A virtual property insurance valuation contains all the same steps and workflows as a typical onsite valuation project, but without the added cost of traveling to the location being appraised. The difference in process is mainly in how the inspection and data collection are completed.

During the inspection/data collection phase, AssetWorks’ Valuation Specialists work with designated contacts to collect property information through phone calls and online communications. Our consultants then supplement this information using web-based tools, such as Google Earth Pro to collect details like GPS coordinates, or MapRisk to collect details like the distance to the nearest body of water. Together, they create a full, real-time picture of an organization’s property portfolio.

onsite property insurance valuation vs virtual valuation

What are the benefits of a virtual valuation?

With a virtual valuation through AssetWorks, you can:

  • Help ensure accurate, up-to-date property data for insurance renewals
  • Complete valuations in scenarios where access is limited
  • Limit the strain on valuable resources like budget and time

Virtual property insurance Valuations with Google Earth

virtual property valuation google earth pro aerial

A Powerful, Flexible Solution for Today’s Unpredictable Times

Let AssetWorks help you keep your property program moving ahead, with innovative virtual valuations designed specifically for today’s critical risk mitigation challenges. Contact us today to discuss how AssetWorks can bring new accuracy, effectiveness and the right coverage to your property program.

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