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Valuation Services: Establish a Complete SOV for Large Property Portfolios — and Unique Structures

At AssetWorks, we specialize in valuation services for organizations with large property portfolios. Our trusted methodology and quality-controlled project management means that our customers are assured the accurate valuations and detailed property data collection that both customers and insurers
need for better decision-making, greater data confidence, and which avoid “worst case scenario” data assumptions. Our valuations are designed to result in the right coverage at the right rates — ultimately mitigating risk.

Valuations for Large Portfolios that Understand All the Key Details

Our USPAP-compliant insurance valuations include onsite, physical inspections to collect building details and generate an accurate estimate
of replacement or reproduction cost. They encompass all the important details large property portfolios need like:

  • Construction years
  • ISO construction classification information.
  • COPE security and fire protection data
  • CAT data for seismic, windstorm and convective storms (depending on zone)

And we document the data for property including:

  • Buildings
  • Property-in-the-open
  • Land improvements
  • Movable equipment
  • Licensed vehicles

Our flexible valuation services and solutions are designed to help customers address 100% of their total insured value (TIV), 100% of all structures with a customized combination of on-site valuations, virtual valuations, annual trending, and our trusted proprietary Valuation Estimator software.

Valuation Expertise to Handle Unique Structures with Ease

AssetWorks has over 30 years of valuation expertise for a variety of unique structures, like:

  • Historic buildings
  • Water/wastewater treatment facilities
  • Specialized manufacturing structures
  • Museums
  • Disaster/emergency operation centers
  • Designated storm shelters
  • Libraries
  • Science centers
  • Technology centers
  • Dams
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Correctional institutions
  • Stadiums and arenas

The Holistic Portfolio Auditing that Improves Data and Decision-Making

AssetWorks’ property valuation and customer success professionals unite to bring greater consistency, accuracy and completeness to property data, portfolio wide, through our post-valuation property data audits. These thorough audits examine our customers’ portfolio data holistically for consistency, honing on red flags in the data. From this, customers gain a bird’s eye view of their organization’s property information, enabling more strategic, data-backed decisions to empower risk mitigation and increase data confidence. This can become invaluable to organizations with large property portfolios, where data inconsistencies from human error, institutional memory, multiple gatekeepers, differing processes, omission, new property additions, demolitions and sales can easily lead to outdated and error-filled property data.

AssetWorks’ data auditing process pinpoints red flags like:

  • Rounded values used for square footage or valuation
  • Abnormally low or high per square foot value
  • Occupancy values that are too low or high for square footage
  • Inconsistent per square foot value for similar structures
  • Per square foot values that are out of the norm for the region
  • Historic structures: are reproduction or replacement costs used?
  • Non-buildings listed as buildings
  • New additions listed separately from the building they’re a part of
  • Capital improvements, like a roof, listed as a separate entity
  • Areas of leased space with building values

Where Large Property Portfolios Meet Successful Service

AssetWorks has brought greater confidence in their valuations and their property data to the following private and public sector customers:

  • Diamond Resorts International
  • Salvation Army, Western Region
  • Keenan & Associates
  • Preferred Government Insurance Trust
  • Texas Association of Counties
  • South Carolina Insurance Reserve Fund
  • Self-Insured Schools of California
  • North Dakota Insurance Reserve Fund
  • State of Ohio Office of Risk Management
  • North Carolina Association of Counties

Our fresh view of an organization’s full portfolio is an invaluable way to scrub and consolidate data, add missing buildings, eliminate property no longer in the portfolio and, ultimately, right-size insurance. Contact us at AssetWorks to learn more about how we support customers with large property portfolios.

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