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Project Description

Valuation Estimator Solution Sheet

The Perfect Complement to your Appraisal Program

Address 100% of your Total Insurable Value with Onsite Appraisal Services
plus the AMP Valuation Estimator

Maintain accurate estimates of replacement cost year-after-year with a custom valuation model developed exclusively for your organization. Models are created by industry experts using multiple valuation resources and include the flexibility to adjust based on a variety of property specific modifiers.

Some of the resources and modifiers used include, but are not limited to the following:

Valuation Resources
Direct costs, regional market analysis, producers price index, consumers price index, proprietary valuation resources

Base Value Modifiers
Zip code, occupancy, ISO construction class, condition

Optional Property Modifiers
Limited access site, LEED/green certification, lifeline facility, seismic/windstorm region, and more

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Experience valuation support through a software application

The AMP Valuation Estimator combines decades of valuation expertise with extensive technological know-how to bring you a solution designed to streamline your workflows and help keep insurable values up-to-date.

With the AMP Valuation Estimator, users can:

  • Individually value select properties or value multiple properties at once
  • Trend values for multiple properties
  • Value water & wastewater treatment facilities using a proprietary model that considers more than just capacity
  • Leverage AssetWorks’ appraisal experts to assist with questions regarding property values and data elements

Ready to address 100% of your Total Insurable Value?

We’d love to chat more about the AMP Valuation Estimator and how it can help you address your entire property schedule. Simply complete the form below and we’ll be in touch!

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