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Scan and Validate  Solution Sheet

Scan & Validate™

Many processes must come together to successfully complete a physical inventory. AssetWorks Scan & Validate™ is an internet-based solution that streamlines every aspect of the inventory process. With the ability to interface with your existing asset management system and comprehensive functionality to automate the scanning and reconciliation of assets, AssetWorks Scan & Validate can save you time and improve the accuracy of your data. With Scan & Validate, you can:

  • Automate Transfers:
    Transfer assets from one location to another in one simple step
  • Streamline Inventory Processes:
    Conduct a re-inventory filtered by location or asset custodian
  • Reconcile Inventory:
    Reconcile missing assets on-site based on tag number, serial number or asset ID.


Scan & Validate from AssetWorks offers users a better way to take inventory, making it easier to comply with GASB, OMB, GAAP, and State reporting requirements. While the ability to automate the inventory process creates new organizational efficiencies, real-time reporting, approval processes, and validation rules allow users to be confident in the integrity of their data.

Mobile Inventory Software

Product Highlights

Acts as an Extension of your Current System
Import and export utilities allow users to facilitate the transfer of data from selected fields within their current asset management system directly to the Scan & Validate scanner.

Interface Utilities
Simplify the transfer of completed inventory data by relying on interface utilities to update your main asset management system.

Automated Processes
Asset data can be broken into workable groups, creating multiple, simultaneous inventories. Users can then scan, edit, and run missing item reports on the scanner while in the field.

Flexible Scanner Software
Changes to data can be made on the scanner during the inventory, saving users from having to reconcile and update asset locations or other information later.

With the press of a button, data can be synchronized between scanners and the server to ensure that each scanner is equipped with the most up-to-date information. This unique approach maximizes efficiency by immediately identifying missing items found by other scanners.

Internet-based (SaaS)
Designed to provide central control, managers can monitor and manage the inventory process from any computer with an
internet connection.

Real-time Reporting
Built-in report tools provide maximum flexibility in data reporting and allow you to run up-to-date reports while inventory is being taken in the field. Reports include: standard inventory, discrepancies, missing items, new items, correct items, and progress summary.



  • Save time doing inventory by streamlining and automating all aspects of the physical inventory process.
  • Improve data accuracy with validation rules and by eliminating manual input at all stages.
  • Minimize the learning curve as a result of configurable field names, user friendly design and intuitive workflows.
  • Simplify reconciliation with an easy-to-use visual comparison of collected and original asset data.
  • Rest assured that data is secure and accurate as a result of various levels of user access, approval processes, validation rules and a complete audit trail.
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