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Remote Risk Management: How to Empower Your Property Risk Management Program from Home

remote risk managementWith so many of us working from home these days, keeping your property risk management program moving forward the way it used to may present some logistical and communicational challenges.

Fortunately, you don’t actually need to return to the office before your property values can be accurately refreshed, property schedules can be updated and the lines of communication with risk pool members can open once more. With today’s technological advancements, property risk management programs are in an excellent position to take advantage of solutions that make working remotely easier and more efficient than ever.

Now becomes the perfect time to streamline processes, become more agile, and take those efficiencies forward no matter what the future brings. How? You can make it happen through automation, virtual valuations and the support of a savvy valuations partner who knows how to put it all together.

Automating the Remote Risk Management Experience

As you well-know, effective property risk management is often all about the details. The challenge comes when some of those details languish in filing cabinets, some are tucked away in spreadsheets, and many of those are all back in the office, while you’re trying to find a new normal working from home. So how do you update your Statement of Values (SOVs) in a timely manner? How do you stay current with day-to-day tasks without figuring out a million workarounds just to get the information you need? How do you keep your property program running smoothly when working remotely creates all these bumps in the road?

Learn how property risk management software can empower your remote risk management program. One of the best features about a truly robust property risk management system is, it’s not only ideal for working under the unusual, constrained conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it also saves time and energy by automating processes when you’re in the office, back in the swing of your normal routine.

Trending Your Building Values Forward Without On-Site Property Valuations

Keeping your property risk program on track isn’t always easy and the constraints surrounding the COVID-19 virus may only be compounding those issues. Naturally, you still want accurate property values for your buildings, but tightened budgets, travel restrictions, office closings, downsized staff and social distancing can seriously complicate everything. So how do you keep building values current — and properties fully-insured — while working within the constraints of 2020 business?

Discover how a robust building value estimator tool can help bridge the gap years between your organization’s in-person property valuations. With a customized valuation estimator tailored to your business, you can trend property year-after-year — quickly, accurately and affordably, right from your desktop.

A Property Valuation Partner in the Age of COVID-19

The pieces above discuss how automated risk management software and property valuation tools can support a property risk program with greater efficiency and accuracy — whether you’re working in the office or at home. But one important part of the equation remains: valuation services.

Learn how, based on your particular needs, AssetWorks can become an extension of your property risk organization, with a flexible selection of services, paired with software and reporting, to help you get the job done, large or small. Running a property risk management program can be complex. But you don’t have to go it alone.

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