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Oil and Gas Asset Tracking | Oilfield Services Solution Sheet

Improved Efficiency for Oilfield Services

Discover how mobile workforce and field service management software can improve the operational efficiency of field operators and office staff. From safety and customer service, to driver behavior and data accuracy, an Oil and Gas field service solution can help you address these challenges by streamlining field ticketing, managing hours of service, increasing efficiency and reducing data entry.

AssetWorks’ energy solution features oil- and gas-specific functionality such as custom well site data, in-vehicle navigation and speed monitoring on private roads, IFTA and journey management data collection, electronic driver logs and work alone safety.

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Lower Operating Costs and Increase Efficiency

Deployed in the cloud, AssetWorks’ solution is scalable, can be implemented quickly and can be tailored to fit every organization’s needs and budget.

ROI You Can Count On

  • Improved customer service
  • More efficient dispatching
  • Enhanced remote worker safety
  • Reduced data entry
  • Better driving behaviors
  • Improved communications between office staff and field operators
  • Increased HOS compliance

Vehicle and Asset Tracking

AssetWorks’ vehicle tracking technology allows office staff to monitor the exact location and status of field operators and quickly send the closest available field operator to a new job or priority call. Valuable assets, such as trailers or yellow iron, can also be tracked with the addition of battery-powered tracking devices.

Specific oil and gas data, such as well sites, is layered into our maps; and office staff can search for locations using LSD, well site owner or well site name. Additionally, private roads and road class data are incorporated into the map.

Field Ticketing and Time Tracking

With AssetWorks field ticketing software, our in-vehicle computers allow instant communication between field operators and office staff, who can track the current job stage of a field operator. Last-minute changes are sent directly to the operator and ticketing information is sent to the office electronically in real-time, eliminating paperwork and time-consuming data entry. All the information captured is time-stamped and accurate allowing for immediate billing.

Fleet Monitoring and Maintenance

Powerful driver behavior monitoring dashboards provide fleet managers with a transparent view of operations and allow for at-a-glance monitoring of driver behavior such as idling, speeding, hard braking/acceleration, vehicle usage and more.

Additionally, vehicle pre-trip and post-trip inspection and maintenance reminders ensure valuable oilfield vehicles are maintained appropriately.

Lone Worker Safety

AssetWorks’ field service management software has an work-alone safety option allows easy compliance with lone worker legislation and safety policies by automating the check-in process, ensuring field operators are connected to the office at all times, and providing visual and audio cues to office staff when a check-in is missed.

Electronic Driver Logs

Optional Hours of Service (HOS) functionality makes legislative compliance effortless and straightforward. Combining in-vehicle Electronic On-Board Recorders (EOBRs) and in-office software, AssetWorks’ field service management software handles all North American regulations including north of 60° and 49th Parallel rule changes,and allows multiple crew login on the same vehicle.

Reporting and Analytics

Our solution provides managers with comprehensive reporting tools for enhanced operational insight. Managers can choose from pre-made reports or easily design and create their own.

Technology in your Office and your Vehicles

Field service management software tailored to the unique oil and gas business environment, our Field Service Software delivers asset tracking and mobile computing, and includes driver behavior monitoring, lone worker, Hours of Service, reporting and maintenance capabilities.

In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS)
One platform supports tracking all asset types with a range of devices to meet varying needs—from sophisticated mobile computing, and tablet and smartphone apps, to driver behavior monitoring and basic trailer tracking.


The Field Service Solution management software integrates with third-party software systems to allow for real-time data use across all areas of an organization. AssetWorks partners with each of our clients to ensure the software integration matches their specific use of these external applications.

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