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Mobile inventory software from AssetWorks is the perfect complement to your fixed asset management system

Mobile AssetMAXX, paired with AssetMAXX fixed asset software, plays a critical role in perpetuating accurate, current fixed asset records from year to year. These records assist in audit compliance, deter theft, and support informed decisions throughout the budget process.

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Product Highlights

  • Download and view fixed asset inventory data on any device running a full OS and Java
  • Add new assets on the fly, capturing all relevant data points
  • Transfer assets to a new location in one step
  • Reconcile assets based on tag number, serial number, or asset ID

  • Conduct an inventory filtered by location or department
  • Reconcile missing assets on-site, and generate subsequent exceptions reports
  • Generate customizable reports directly from the application
  • Grant access to many users simultaneously with multi-user functionality

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