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Loss Recovery Solution Sheet

AMP  Loss Recovery Suite

When disaster strikes, organizations must act quickly to ensure as much business continuity as possible. Depending on the damage, this may include filing insurance claims as well as requests to FEMA for Public Assistance. Unfortunately, without proper loss recovery documentation, organizations often receive funding that falls short of what is actually needed.

With the AMP Loss Recovery Suite, users can maintain policy information, maintenance information, and more right alongside detailed property data. The Loss Recovery Suite is designed to assist you in receiving the funding you deserve so your focus can remain on what matters, rebuilding.

The AMP Loss Recovery Suite offers a convenient, efficient and secure method of tracking and reporting on the following:

  • Enhanced Property Data
  • Insurance Policy Information
  • Proof-of-loss Documentation
  • Building Schedule and Activity Log
  • Basic Project Management Records


With various levels of user access, approval processes, and a complete audit trail, AMP users can be confident in the integrity of their data. The AMP Loss Recovery Suite brings detailed building information usually stored in multiple places, with multiple users, into one centralized database. Risk Managers now have the information they need, right at their fingertips – all in the AMP Loss Recovery Suite.

Loss Recovery Suite

Product Highlights

Enhanced Property Data
In addition to basic building and COPE data, the enhanced property data functionality includes the ability to track condition assessments, FIPS codes, flood zone mapping, and building componentization.

Policy Management
Track detailed policy information including deductibles, exclusions, limits, uninsured exposures, and more.

Schedule & Activity Log
Record completed and scheduled preventive maintenance, inspections, and building improvement projects pre-disaster as well as repair and mitigation projects post-disaster.

Documentation Management
Assign forms, documents and image files to individual properties and assets. Include signatures and timestamps as necessary.

High Level Project Management
Record activities and hourly charges associated with repair projects during the rebuilding phase.

Dynamic Reporting Tool
Standard reports are accessible in batch mode and can be filtered by search parameters.

Data Exchange
Allows asset and table data to be imported/exported in comma­delimited (CSV) and text (TXT) formats.

User Friendly Interface
The “work desk” capability allows statistics, reports, and other visual data tools to be attached to the home screen while an unlimited number of user-defined fields allow users to track organization specific data elements.


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