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Project Description

FSS Lone Worker Solution Sheet

Improve Safety and Field Operator Efficiency

A work-alone safety solution can help your company easily comply with lone worker legislation and safety policies by automating the check-in process, ensuring field operators are connected to the office at all times, and providing visual and audio cues to office staff when a check-in is missed.


Discover an Easier Way to Keep Operators Safe

Know Where They Are

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) lets you track the precise location of field operators all the time. On-screen icons give you a visual of field operator activity so emergency responders can be sent to an accident scene in an instant. You can also find and dispatch the closest company vehicles immediately.

Know What They’re Doing

Throughout the day everything field operators do—from logon to logoff, even vehicle speed—is automatically time-stamped and captured, and contact with head office is maintained. With this historical record you can easily pull up accurate details in the event of an accident, minimizing liability claims and preventing future incidents.

Streamline Check-in Processes

The work alone solution allows operators to initiate the check-in process which eliminates the need for office staff to manage incoming calls or manual check-ins. Real time alerts and notifications ensure that key staff know immediately if there is a problem in the field.

Keep Them Safer

A comprehensive work-alone solution goes beyond check-in functionality to provide additional safety measures such as an easy-to-access emergency button which allows operators to request help with one touch. Emergency notifications are generated and acknowledgement processes are built in so operators will know their request has been received and help is on the way.

Flexible Solutions

AssetWorks’ work-alone safety solutions offer companies a variety of technology options, with a range of price points, to meet every fleet’s needs including:

  • Mobile computers: Field operators can simply send a canned message from their in-vehicle mobile computer to check-in. This information is sent in real-time to the office and automatically resets the in-office software check-in countdown.
  • Tablets and Smartphones: Field operators can check in using Smartphones or Tablets running Android OS using the Field Service Solution application. This provides a flexible, cost-effective solution to easily manage lone and remote workers.

Integrated Technologies

Mobile Workforce Management

Field Service Software
AssetWorks Field Service Solution puts mobile workforce management at your fingertips. The Field Service Solution delivers vehicle tracking, work order management, electronic driver logs/HOS, driver behavior monitoring and reporting.


Mobile Computing

AssetWorks Ranger
A rugged mobile computer that integrates with the Field Service Solution to capture data from the field and functions as an ELD for hours of service compliance.

Smartphones and Tablets
The Field Service Solution supports both smartphones and tablets running Android OS.


ROI You Can Count On

  • Improved job and time tracking accuracy
  • Reduced paper work and manual data entry
  • Improved employee, and customer satisfaction
  • Reduced billing cycles
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