AssetWorks FSS March 2022 Newsletter – 6.6 Update Highlight Demo2022-03-15T12:50:27-04:00

Project Description

AssetWorks FSS 6.6 Update

The 6.6 update is finally here! We listened to your feedback and we’re excited to show you what we put together for this version update. Here are a few new features in this version of FSS 6 that come directly from user feedback:

Ticket Table View Tabs

Ticket table view tabs will provide the ability to save multiple view of the ticket table. Users may create different views for different customers or even different Job functions like, Dispatching, Accounting and Exporting.

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Descriptions

FSS will now decode DTC descriptions to save the time and effort of going to the manufacturer website to look up what a code means. In addition to the definition, it will provide the following:

  • Dash Warning Lamp States
  • Original Trouble Codes
  • Source Address (MID)
  • Failure Mode Indicator (FMI)
  • The Number of Occurrences

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