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Canada’s ELD Mandate: What You Need to Know

The long awaited ELD Mandate has been officially announced in Canada. By June 2021, all fleets must be in compliance and have an electronic logging device (ELD) to collect and process a driver’s Record of Duty Status (RODS) and Hours of Service (HOS). The goal of having the ELD Mandate is to help improve safety for drivers and others on the road.

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What is an ELD?

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are certified technology that automatically log a driver’s time to help keep track of Hours of Service (HOS). ELDs connect to your truck’s engine to record when it’s in motion and helps drivers log when they’re on and off duty. With all this being done electronically, getting rid of paper logs will lead to more accurate data.

Similarities and Differences to the US

The Canadian ELD Mandate kept regulations very similar to the U.S. Mandate back in 2017. Some of the regulations that remained the same between the U.S. and Canadian Mandate are:

  • Connecting to the engine
  • GPS tracking capability
  • Automatically collects driver’s time and can show on a display Record of Duty Status (RODS).
  • Must be provider certified to meet proper specifications

ELDs in Canada will also have to meet the specific standards that The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) has published. You can click the link to read the outline for the minimum requirements here.


ELDs are an investment with which your organization can see a greater ROI. Having a mobile workforce management or an Electronic Ticketing system paired with your ELD can show you benefits of keeping your drivers safe and cutting costs. By selecting a more comprehensive solution, you’ll be able to see the benefits of improved safety and efficiency. With the ELD Mandate set to go live, this is a good opportunity to review how you do business. A good ELD provider should do the following:

  • Have a long-term successful track record of deploying in-cab mobile computing devices
  • Be financially stable and able to update ELD devices in the event of regulatory changes
  • Offer excellent 24/7 customer support
  • Go beyond ELD compliance and offer fleet management functionality to deliver you long-term value and leverage your ELD technology investment

Having someone with years of experience and successful deployments will help ease your mind into making the transition. A knowledgeable staff and a customer support team that is available even after the deployment will be a great partner for you and your business.

Next Stepselds

Transitioning to an ELD is no easy task. Take it from our video, Lessons Learned from the U.S. ELD Mandate, fleets need to examine the needs of their fleets, not just making sure they’re in compliance. What many fleets discovered was that going for the least expensive option wasn’t worth it. Although it seems cost effective at the time and kept you in compliance, it had minimal features to help your business grow. Most of them didn’t offer customer support after the sale and didn’t offer any solutions to help train their administration or drivers on the new technology. Fleets were beginning to see their competitors invest in an ELD solution that was paired with an electronic ticketing system and saw them beginning to thrive, as they were cutting costs and serving their customers faster.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the compliance requirements, or to appoint someone within the business as the “Internal Champion,” that will take on the role of becoming the expert of knowing the new technology. It’s important to review your business needs and start coming up with a plan that your new technology will help you achieve.

AssetWorks FSS has been specializing in mobile workforce and fleet management solutions for over 35 years. With a leadership team in place since the technology was developed, AssetWorks understands the challenges faced by the trucking industry. We know what it takes to go beyond ELD and help bring you an overall, more efficient solution.

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