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FSS 6.4 Update – Landmarks & Ticket Track

FSS has been busy gearing up for the new 6.4 update that’s right around the corner!

The upcoming 6.4 update has great features for you to improve driver behavior and customer service to your clients. This new update allows you to generate geofences easily in FSS, while Ticket Track allows you receive realtime status updates on current jobs in the field.

We’re always looking for input from you, our customers, that every update we release will help you improve your day-to-day operations. We hope these updates will provide an opportunity for you to improve upon the already strong FSS processes you’ve come to rely on for your business.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Customer Care Team.

Check out this demo video on creating Landmarks and generating custom geofences!

Ticket Track

Gone are the days of your customers having to call you to find out the current status of the services you are providing them.  With FSS Ticket Track, you can configure FSS to automatically email your customers when ticket status changes occur.  A good example of this would be sending a proof of delivery upon completion.  You can individually choose which statuses send an update and if that update includes:

  1. Simple status update
  2. Status update and ticket copy
  3. Status update, ticket copy and all associated attachments


Subject:  Ticket #:  SF2597 Heading to Drop-off

Body:  Department:  Fluids Delivery

Asset:  GT382

Operator:  Gary Leopold

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