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More 6.3 Features – Event Flags and Filters

FSS 6.3 adds more active event flags to the asset list on the map page

Find your assets with defects faster with this new feature.

You’re able to filter the list down to just assets with defects.  With the map right there, you can easily see which ones are in your yard and available, so you can plan and schedule the rest of your day.

In addition, users will have the ability to filter their asset list utilizing these flags.

Tickets now available on the map page

FSS 6.3 provides you the ability to access your tickets right on the map page

From here, you can get a quick look at the state of your fleet’s current work while still having access to the map for quick reference.

Now that the ticket list is right on the map page, you don’t need to go back and forth between screens to see who was assigned a certain ticket. You’re able to see who’s using what asset in order to locate where the load is. Simply select the ticket your client is asking about and click locate.

As will all tables in FSS, you can select which columns to display in the list to suit your particular needs.  If you find the need to see some additional details you always have the option to expand the list into an expanded table view.

The ticket list also includes built in “Quick Filters” for assisting with some of your most common tasks.

Do you want to see all the new and unassigned work first thing in the morning? You can use the unassigned filter to narrow down all the work that needs to be assigned.  Having the map available allows you to assign the tickets more efficiently because you can see exactly where my assets are located.

In addition to the Quick Filters, you have access to common ticket actions like:

  • View
  • Edit
  • Print
  • Export
  • Status Update
  • Assign/Unassign

Do it all through Mobile

The best part of the Map Ticket List?  The same features are available on your mobile device.  Now you can easily take your dispatching tasks on the road, where the work happens.

Administrators Can Now Set Location Reporting Rates by Asset Type

Administrator can now configure specific location reporting rates for different asset types.  Heavy construction equipment probably doesn’t need to be tracked each minute or when it turns 45 degrees because it typically isn’t moving very fast.  Pick-up trucks on the other hand may need this frequent reporting rate.

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