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Project Description

Fluid Hauling Case Study

Bottom Line Results with AssetWorks’ Field Service Solution

An AssetWorks customer in western Canada specializes in the transportation, gathering, and storage of crude oil, liquefied petroleum gas, and other petroleum products. The company’s operations are throughout the key producing regions of Canada and into several states in the northwestern U.S. With over 400 trucks and 500 trailers in the field, this mid-stream fluid hauling company needed to improve their field ticketing process to provide greater operational control and accountability to increase their competitive edge.

Business Objectives

With all of the organization’s driving and hauling operations being contracted, they recognized the importance of accurate and timely paperwork so that customer billing and contractor payment could be improved. In addition to addressing inefficient field ticketing processes, the company looked for a solution to track the location of any given trailer in the field, as each became an expensive risk to consider once filled with petroleum products and other fluids for hauling.

Technical Solution

In order to resolve these challenges, this mid-stream fluid hauling company chose AssetWorks’ Field Service Solution. The Field Service Solution connects field operators and office staff and allows the status and location of jobs to be tracked in real-time. AssetWorks Ranger, a rugged in-vehicle computer, facilitates the electronic generation and management of field tickets and automatically secures all job completion details. The collection and transmission of this data is guaranteed, as the Field Service Solution is fully integrated with the company’s back office Microsoft Dynamics AX billing system.

Return on Investment
  • Increased revenue through timely and accurate field ticketing
  • Reduced staffing costs through elimination of manual entry of 15,000+ tickets every month
  • Improved employee, contractor and customer satisfaction
  • Decreased overhead and doubled fleet size
  • Increased fleet efficiency and better fleet performance monitoring

End Results

Prior to implementing the Field Service Solution, this organization’s fluid transportation operations were 100% paper-based with full reliance on contracted drivers to manually complete paperwork accurately and on time. Drivers were given created field tickets that were supposed to be mailed to the office on a regular basis but often didn’t appear until the end of the month. This provided constant challenges as manual data entry errors, lost tickets and regular delays in paper submissions to office personnel led to thousands of dollars in postponed or lost revenues at the end of every month. If any issues arose, contractors often couldn’t remember job details because of the amount of time between when the job was done and when it was billed. Billing was inaccurate and contractors lost pay if tickets were misplaced.

Now that workflows are streamlined and captured electronically, this fluid hauling organization can track the entire loading and unloading process and address any issues in real-time. Drivers can complete field tickets from the cab of their truck and each Ranger computer maintains a job history that can be reviewed to ensure that both the contractors and organization can accurately bill for work completed. Billing information is transferred in real-time to Microsoft Dynamics AX in the office leading to a billing time of days rather than months.

In addition, moving to an electronic work order management process has eliminated up to 15,000+ paper units each month, and has caused a significant reduction in overtime hours once needed for administrative staff to decipher and manually enter all data from hand-written field tickets. The driver’s paper-handling duties are now limited to printing a copy of a work ticket for their own record or to be left at the job site. They can now bill accurately for all the work that is done. Before, if tickets were misplaced, there was no bill, which resulted in jobs that may have cost thousands of dollars going unpaid.

One unexpected benefit has been the buy in of the drivers and their acceptance of the technology. Once drivers began to use the technology, manual paper work was virtually eliminated and they began to see the result of accurate billing positively impact their pay checks.

As a direct result of increased revenues and accountability, the Field Service Solution has provided a work management infrastructure that has allowed the organization to easily handle expansion and double their fleet size since this critical integration began. Employees, contractors and customers are all more satisfied. Moving forward, there are plans to use electronic methods to manage the workflows of drivers when they cross the USA/Canada border.


Fleet Size
Over 400 trucks and 500+ trailers

Fluid Hauling Services

Field Service Solution in the office
Ranger Mobile Computer in the vehicles
ME100 on the trailers


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