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Fleet Management Crossword Puzzle

fleet management software crossword puzzle


2. Timely, reportable, integrated p-card

4. Video preview of AssetWorks software

6. Vice President of AssetWorks Fleet

7. Young generation entering workforce now

8. ROI stands for return on __________

11. AssetWorks’ annual conference is called the AssetWorks _______

14. AssetWorks fleet management software

15. Subscribe to the AssetWorks ____ to receive educational and entertaining content in your inbox every week

16. AssetWorks’ suite of mobile applications

18. AssetWorks KeyValet automated _________ operations

19. Fleet management software company for over 35 years

20. Follow AssetWorks on this professional social network site


1. CNG stands for compressed ______ gas

3. Seminar held on the web

5. Print and online magazine for public fleets

9. AssetWorks offers both active and _______ GPS solutions

10. Certified automotive fleet manager

12. CEO of Tesla Motors

13. Global positioning system

17. ELD stands for electronic _______ device

How well do you know fleet? Take a break from your regular tasks and test your knowledge with this fleet management crossword puzzle. Download the PDF and complete it with your coworkers! Need some hints? Many of the answers can be found on the AssetWorks website.

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