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Project Description

Field Ticketing Solution Sheet

Increased Efficiency with Electronic Field Ticketing

AssetWorks Field Service Solution connects field operators and office staff, and allows job details to be tracked in real time—even in remote locations. Field operators can electronically manage field tickets and work orders, update inventory details and track job statuses using mobile devices such as AssetWorks Ranger in-vehicle computer, as well as Android phones and tablets.


Improved Workflow

Office staff, who can track the current job stage of a field operator, are able to send last-minute changes directly to the operator and ticketing information is returned to the office electronically in real time, eliminating paperwork and time-consuming data entry. Field tickets can be generated in the office and dispatched to field operators or operators can generate their own tickets from the field.

Reduced Paperwork

Field operators are able to eliminate tedious paper work, as job details are automatically collected while the operator performs their tasks. Less time spent on paperwork can allow field operators to do more jobs per day to increase revenue. In addition, inaccurate and misplaced paperwork is eliminated, so an organization can be sure they are billing correctly. Because all information captured is time-stamped and accurate, issues and discrepancies can be managed immediately and customer complaints can be minimized leading to better customer service.

Enhanced Dispatching

The Field Service Solution provides a central repository for all upcoming work and dispatchers can easily manage jobs and schedule tickets for immediate or future electronic dispatch. Staff can see at a glance if there are any problems with the schedule and can immediately send work to the appropriate driver or field operator. The location of all members of the fleet is shown in real time on the AVL map and office staff can send the closest, most appropriate vehicle to last minute or emergency jobs, saving time and mileage, while providing better customer service.

Faster Billing with System Integration

When workflows are streamlined and data is captured electronically, accurate and timely work orders improve customer billing and payroll processes, as the Field Service Solution can be fully integrated with an organization’s back office billing system. This eliminates duplicate and manual data entry, saving time for office staff while improving billing accuracy. Real-time data collection means that billing can be done immediately reducing the cost of carrying payroll and improving cash flow.

AssetWorks has implemented software integration solutions with Microsoft AX, Oracle and other major software packages. AssetWorks partners with each of our clients to ensure the software integration matches their specific use of these external applications.

Technology in the Office

Field Service Software
Software tailored to the unique oil and gas business environment, our Field Service Software delivers asset tracking and mobile computing, and includes driver behavior monitoring, lone worker, Hours of Service, reporting and maintenance capabilities.


Mobile Computing

AssetWorks Ranger
A rugged mobile computer that integrates with the Field Service software to capture vehicle speed and idling data. It also facilitates work order management and functions as an ELD for hours of service compliance.

Smartphones and Tablets
The Field Service Solution supports both smartphones and tablets running Android OS to provide flexible, cost-effective field ticketing solutions


ROI You Can Count On

  • Improved job and time tracking accuracy
  • Reduced paper work and manual data entry
  • Improved employee, and customer satisfaction
  • Reduced billing cycles
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