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AMP Election Asset Management Software

Election Asset Management Software Solution Sheet

Election Asset Management Software

Many processes must come together for a State, Local, or Federal election event to be successful. While advancements in technology and government regulation can help ensure the security and integrity of the election process, the risk of hacking, electronic malfunctions and fraud makes data visibility and integrity more important than ever. With easy to use functionality to support pre-election, Election Day and post-election processes, AMP Election Asset Management software from AssetWorks offers the data tracking, reporting, transparency and real-time updates you need.

AMP Elections can help you securely and efficiently track:

  • Asset inventory, transfer, delivery, and receipt (chain-of-custody)
  • Asset maintenance, calibration, and repair
  • Testing, verification, and seal information
  • Election event information
With various levels of user access, approval processes, and a complete audit trail, AMP Election Asset Management software users can be confident in the integrity of their data. Comprehensive chain-of-custody tracking combined with the ability to record maintenance, calibration, and testing information make AMP the clear choice for Election Asset Management.


Chain-of-Custody Tracking
From the warehouse, to the polling station, and back, AMP offers the ability to track the transfer, receipt and return of all election assets individually or as complete systems.
Asset Maintenance and Calibration
Track the state of the asset through each election event with the ability to request calibration or maintenance, and track its completion. Includes routine and pre-election qualification maintenance.
Testing and Verification
Track testing on individual machines before, during, and after an election event to verify they are ready for use and were not tampered with at any time.
Document and Image Repository
Upload manuals, procedures, warranties, and asset images to be stored and saved per asset.
Dynamic Reporting Tool
Users have access to a wide variety of standard reports, as well as the ability create and run custom reports as needed.
System and Data Security
Various levels of user access, customized approval processes and a complete auditable history ensure the integrity of the data being tracked.
Data Exchange
Data can be exported or imported using a comma-delimited (CSV) and text formats.
User-Friendly Interface
Top and side bar navigation combined with search and filter functions simplify navigation while the availability of user-defined fields allows users to track additional data elements.
• Streamline data communication processes and simplify record management by maintaining all election asset information in one easy-to-use database, accessible by approved users in real-time.
• Increase efficiency with automated workflow processes for everything from adding, transferring, inventorying and disposing of assets to recording maintenance, testing, verification and repair details.
• Save time preparing reports with a collection of standard reports and the ability to create your own reports as needed.
• Rest assured that data is secure and accurate as a result of various levels or user access, customized approval processes, and a complete audit trail.
• Reduce the learning curve with an easy to use interface intuitive workflows, and ongoing support and training from AssetWorks.
For more information on AMP Election Asset Management Software, feel free to contact us at anytime.
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