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EAM for Operational and Strategic Asset Management Solution Sheet

AssetWorks specializes in managing and maintaining infrastructure assets. For over 30 years we have worked with our customers to develop leading-edge solutions that manage all assets regardless of their type or complexity. Proper maintenance on mission-critical assets relies on having accurate information about the condition and location of the assets. Effective maintenance also requires considerable coordination and management of operational resources such as personnel, equipment, materials and vehicles.

AssetWorks EAM offers tools to help organizations streamline their processes and maximize efficiencies in managing and maintaining all assets including:

Stationary assets

  • Roadway Assets (signs, lights, signals)
  • Pipeline Assets (valves, meters, pumps)
  • Landscape Assets (trees, irrigation, planters)
  • Buildings and assets within them

 Linear or networked assets

  • Roads (roadway, sidewalks, bridges)
  • Water lines (water, wastewater, sewer)
  • Utility (gas, oil, overhead power)

Boundary-based assets

  • Parks
  • Parking lots
  • Property parcels

With AssetWorks EAM, managers can proactively provide preventive and  incidental maintenance for all of their assets using real-time data to enable fact-based decision making.

Powerful Features

  • Portal-based software interface ensures the right functionality is easily accessible to each user role
  • Integrated mobile wireless handheld options
  • Bar code/RFID enabled
  • Complete asset life-cycle management through fabrication, installation, maintenance and replacement
  • Robust work request and work order functionality
  • Flexible preventive maintenance scheduling
  • Build/manufacture functionality for assets or components
  • Scheduling and calendar functionality
  • Complete warranty management for assets and their components
  • Purchasing and parts inventory management
  • Technician certification and training management
  • Flexible best practice workflows, including real-time labor capture
  • Over 200 ‘out-of-the-box’ standard reports with customizable setups
  • Configurable dashboard and ad-hoc reporting tools
  • Direct integration with FleetFocus fleet management solution
  • Integration to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
  • Spatial display of data and Integration with Esri GIS

Benefits You Can Count On

  • Reduce or eliminate unnecessary maintenance based on asset history.
  • Gain fast and easy access to asset information and maintenance activities for improved customer service.
  • Easily support Levels of Service agreements with accurate asset/network conditions.
  • Improve planned and predictive maintenance for optimal asset performance.
  • Enhance coordination of resources including personnel, equipment and vehicles.
  • Improve efficiencies for required materials and parts processes.
  • Better performance data reporting for support analysis.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership through improved warranty claims processing and asset disposition.
  • Minimize operational costs via integration with enterprise financials for consolidated reporting on assets, expenditures and operational activities.
  • Improve regulatory compliance for management and maintenance of all assets.
  • Decrease operational costs through integration with AssetWorks FleetFocus vehicle maintenance solution.
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