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Project Description

Daily Vehicle Inspection (DVI) | Solution Sheet

Improved Safety with Daily Vehicle Inspection

The collection and storage of Daily Vehicle Inspection (DVI) reports can be an administrative challenge to many organizations. AssetWorks’ Field Service Solution provides DVI functionality to help customers easily manage DVI compliance and improve safety. The Field Service Solution ensures that drivers complete their inspection report and electronically submit it before they start their shift, which allows organizations to be compliant with State and Provincial regulations. AssetWorks DVI meets Canadian NSC Schedule 13 and US FMCSA legislation and requirements, and also includes support for trailer inspections.


Electronic Data Collection

Real-time collection of vehicle inspection faults ensures that vehicles with known issues aren’t being used. Available vehicle data such as such as VIN, odometer reading and location, are automatically entered into the inspection report. Drivers can electronically complete their reports using mobile devices such as AssetWorks’ Ranger in-vehicle computer, as well as Android phones and tablets.

Driver Authentication

Drivers enter a PIN at login which is authenticated against an encrypted driver credential list to validate the identity of the driver completing the DVI report. To speed the inspection process, if a DVI has previously been submitted for a vehicle, it is automatically synced for the driver’s review. The DVI solution requires the driver to acknowledge that any defects have been repaired or designated as ‘not required’ before allowing the driver to start work.


Most jurisdictions require DVI reports to be available for the previous 6 months. With the Field Service Solution all DVI reports are stored for up to one year. DVI summary reports can be used to assess all inspections submitted for a specific vehicle, or a group of vehicles across a specified date range can be looked at. In addition, detailed reports on identified defects and proof of repairs can be printed for storage.

Driver Alerts

Drivers are alerted by the DVI solution when an inspection has expired or if no inspection has been submitted. If a major defect is found, the driver is notified that they mustn’t drive the vehicle until the failures have been corrected. Specified office or maintenance personnel can be alerted via email when a defect is reported in an inspection.

Technology in the Office

Technology in the Office

Field Service Software
Tailored to the unique oil and gas business environment, our Field Service Software delivers asset tracking and mobile computing, and includes driver behavior monitoring, lone worker, Hours of Service, reporting and maintenance capabilities.

Mobile Computing

AssetWorks Ranger
A rugged mobile computer that integrates with the Field Service software to capture vehicle speed and idling data. It also facilitates work order management, navigation, and more.


ROI You Can Count On

  • Improved compliance with state and provincial regulations
  • Increased driver safety
  • Improved reporting process
  • Enhanced data accuracy
  • Faster and easier process for drivers
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