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Capture Asset Images in 3 Easy Steps Solution Sheet

Capturing images of assets has never been easier.


With the AMP Image Capture application, users can add images of assets to existing asset records using a tablet or mobile device. Simply scan the barcode tag of an asset or enter its asset ID number then select the “add photos” button to capture and save up to 5 images per asset. To sync the images back to existing asset records, simply select the “sync photos” button. It’s that easy!


Efficient: users can easily attach up to 5 images per asset to existing asset records. These images stay with the asset throughout its lifecycle.

Secure: before images are synchronized to existing asset records, users will be prompted to enter their user name and password and the application will verify their device ID.

Work offline: users can scan tags and capture images without being connected to a wireless network. Then, simply sync the images next time they have a connection.

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