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Capital Asset Management (CAM) Solution Sheet

The need for a comprehensive capital asset management system has never been more pressing. In order to succeed in a fluctuating economy, organizations must find ways to do more with less. AssetWorks Capital Asset Management (CAM) is a comprehensive asset life-cycle-based management system, designed to help asset managers find ways to minimize capital expenditures and operating expenses by maximizing the useful life of an asset. CAM also provides tools to support the fundamental asset management tasks of procurement and remarketing.

The challenge to prioritize scarce capital dollars and minimize operating costs is common to many companies. Furthermore, organizations must contend with new and evolving Asset Management Standards (ISO-55000, PAS-55) focused on optimizing the asset’s life-cycle and a changing regulatory climate (GASB34, MAP-21). CAM is a software application that can help organizations reduce the cost of ownership and operation of their assets, improve operational efficiency, and achieve sustainability goals.

The CAM system is comprised of four primary modules that address the major functional areas of asset management: Analytics; Planning and Budgeting; Procurement; and Remarketing. Each of the CAM modules offers a range of related functions that support the important aspects of asset management.

Benefits You Can Count On

  • Replace assets at optimum economic end-of-life
  • Prioritize replacements to allocate scarce capital budgets and minimize future operating and maintenance costs
  • Understand impact of maintenance decisions on an asset’s life-cycle, as well as how life-cycle can impact the maintenance budget
  • Manage the procurement process to minimize acquisition costs
  • Manage remarketing process to maximize salvage value

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CAM Modules

CAM graphic

CAM features a highly flexible asset data model that supports management of any asset type in any industry. CAM is capable of handling a variety of assets, ranging in size, complexity and use. Examples include: basic electronics (laptops, phones or radios); mobile assets (vehicles, trucks and shop equipment); and complex fixed or stationary assets (plant machinery and heavy equipment). A significant advantage of the model is it allows users to assign an unlimited number of attributes to a specific asset type and capture the corresponding data for each asset. Attributes can be set up to capture descriptive and informational data, or can be used to group and select assets for analysis and reporting.

CAM is designed to integrate seamlessly with AssetWorks’ current maintenance management systems, including FleetFocus and EAM, as well as maintenance management applications from other vendors. This integration can reduce the need for duplicate entry of asset or maintenance data, and can improve data accuracy and integrity. CAM uses the assets’ history from the maintenance database to analyze the life-cycle and performance of categories of assets and to develop data sets that support asset management decisions.


  • An asset management system that focuses on managing the life-cycle of an asset
  • Supports any asset or asset type regardless of size or complexity
  • Works independent of the maintenance management application
  • Integrates with most maintenance management systems
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