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Maximize efficiency and maintain accurate, up-to-date fixed asset records with AssetMAXX Asset Management Software

Maintaining accurate, up-to-date fixed asset records has never been more important. Government regulation and an overall push toward greater transparency for organizations necessitates that fixed assets be tracked and accounted for from acquisition through disposal.

At AssetWorks, we understand that tracking capital and non-capital assets can be time consuming and challenging. However, the rewards for doing so can be great. By introducing operational efficiencies via an asset management software system, you and your team can spend less time reconciling asset data and more time using that data to enhance organizational decision making.

Developed and tested by asset management professionals, AssetMAXX is a powerful and flexible fixed asset solution. Whether you are in need of a new comprehensive fixed asset system or are interested in a user-friendly, robust alternative to interface with your ERP, AssetMAXX can meet your fixed asset goals and requirements.

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Product Highlights

Asset Tracking

  • Chain-of-custody tracking: assign asset custodians and query assets based on chain-of-custody

  • Asset transfer processes: automate the transfer of assets with email notifications and approval routing

  • Change request management: ensure the integrity of your data by leveraging approval processes

  • Mobile inventory solutions: record and reconcile asset information during the inventory process

Asset Accounting

  • Flexible allocation rules: assets can be assigned to many departments and funds by percentage of total cost

  • Multiple depreciation methods: define depreciation books by asset class, method, and timing

  • User-defined asset classes: define asset class defaults like useful life, capitalization threshold, and salvage value as a percent of total cost

  • Asset disposal: disposal amounts, full or partial, are reconciled financially

Asset Reporting

  • Standard reports: run reports for asset tracking and accounting in both summary and detail format

  • Robust reporting tool: create, save, and export your own reports based on the data recorded in the system

  • Compliant reports: generate GAAP/ GASB compliant reports with flexible date ranges and data element

  • Auditable history: access a complete auditable history for each asset including all changes made over tim

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